11 Medical Cannabis Edibles that your friend’s will love this Friendship’s Day


Friendship day is just around the corner. So, what are you thinking of gifting your friends as a token of love?

Well, if you have friends that are medical cannabis consumers,  then what could be better than gifting cannabis products on this friendship’s day. If you are looking for medical cannabis in Los Angeles, these edibles are here to sweep you off your feet.

Marijuana Edibles

Medibles or marijuana edibles are now taking the cannabis industry by storm. Not only do these help you get rid of the smoke but they are a much better way of consuming cannabis. Gone are times when edibles were just came in the form of brownies or space cakes,  but now you can find shelves full of gummies, mints, chocolate bars, honey, butter, beverages and endless other treats.

The market is flooded with the various edibles, and sometimes it becomes a task to choose the best out of the lot. They all look great but decisions can be hard to make. So after considering some serious reviews and a lot of market research here is a list of edibles you need to get your hands on asap.

Baked Bros Sour Kush medicated THC gummies

This product has already won the Best Product award at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. Now they have earned their spot in the list of best edibles of 2018. These are available in various strengths like 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg THC. They are sour yet sweet and infused with hash oil which is enough to get you high. Apart from Baked Bros Sour Kush they also make THC infused syrup.

Dixie Orange Awakening Mints

If your friend is into meeting lot of people then these minties will keep his/him awake. These mints increase alertness and stamina. They are loaded with 100mg THC content per package. Apart from offering a low and consistent dose of THC these mints are easy to carry and perfect for on the go consumption.

Lord Jones ‘CBD infused Gumdrops’

CBD infused Gumdrops

These work wonderfully when it comes to  alleviating pain, anxiety, menstrual discomfort, and even migraines. These gummies are a perfect gift for your girlfriend as they will ease her menstrual discomfort. It also helps in stabilizing the mood and promotes calmness. These gumdrops are targeted CBD products so they don’t expect to get any high.

Cloud Confections Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, these rich chocolatey coffee beans contain 2 mg of THC per bite,  sufficient to get you high gradually. You can try one or two at a time and wait for thirty minutes to feel the effects.


This brand has become quite famous within the past year. They are known for their quality products made by professionally trained chocolatiers with regulated amount of THC and CBD. In addition to quality chocolates, they have mints and chocolate bars.

Satori Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Almonds

Satori brings out products with a nomimal concentration of THC. You can easily purchase them in states where marijuana is legal. It is crunchy and delicious and chocolate coated. Two almonds provide (12 mg of CBD) which is perfect to get some relief from stressful days.

Auntie Dolores CBD Savory Pretzels

These are one of the best edibles of 2018. They don’t taste like marijuana and are perfect for people who don’t like the earthy flavor of cannabis. Pretzels are coated with umami spices. They offer 60 mg CBD content, amounting to 12 doses per package  priced at $18.

Kiva Confections Blueberry Terra Bites

Blueberries covered in chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder and coated with milk chocolate.  Well, who could ask more? These minis are infused with 5 mg THC per bite and give a good buzz. It also won the Best Edible by SF Weekly, the Errl Cup and East Bay Express user poll in 2017.

Whoopi & Maya

This is the brand formed by actress and advocate Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth. Whoopi & Maya products are designed to help women alleviate pain during menstrual discomfort and also keep PMS symptoms at bay. It has also been Cannabis Cup award-winning company. They have recently stepped into edibles by introducing their Savor line, featuring raw cacao. Although, the company is women-centric their products are for everyone.

Pearl Butter Not Pot Butter

This product is a limited edition and a collaboration between Not Pot and Pearl Butter. The cute packaging makes it entirely a giftable option. You can simply blend it with milk or water get a CBD-infused matcha tea. It is priced for $28 for 1 jar.

Care By Design Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

These bars deliver the perfect ratio of CBD:THC  i.e. 18:1.This chocolate bar provides great stress relief as it melts in the mouth. It is creamy, sweet and has great flavor. One editor claimed that this chocolate instantly helped her combat a panic attack. A definite save for a rainy day! It is priced at $8 for a 0.5-ounce bar.

These are some great products to try out with friends. So if anyone you know is looking for medical cannabis in Los Angeles, these creative options are here to make them scream with joy. Hurry up, order online and get ready to surprise your friends with the greatest gift they got in a while!