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5 Cannabis Strains To Help You With Mood Disorders

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Do you know that more than 20% of US citizens undergo a depressive episode within any given month? What else?  Also, more than 350 million people suffer from depression globally.

The irony is this is one of the numerous mood disorders that endure. Regarding these states, it is not wrong to say that almost half of the world’s population is dealing with mood disorders. These disorders bring difficulties in the lives of both – the ones who have them and the ones who are close to such individuals. 

However, there is a reliable medication available now – yes, medical marijuana. Many reports suggest the herb has a lessening effect on a variety of mood disorders. This article outlines the best cannabis strains by marijuana doctor Los Angeles to alleviate mood disorders. 

 marijuana doctor los angeles

Lambs Bread Cannabis 

Lamb Bread Cannabis – a potent and powerful Sativa is a quintessential Sativa marijuana strain. It is beneficial for those suffering from depression, stress, or a combination of the two. The best thing is, it is a special uplifting marijuana strain that both acts as an energizer; as well as bringing out happy vibes and positive introspection. 

Headband Strain 

Headband hybrid, who doesn’t have heard about this world-famous mix of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This marijuana strain is potent in THC; just a tiny snap goes a very long way. People with mood disorders (depression, feeling worthless, etc.) will discover fast relief with this mood lifter strain. It lets you forget that inner, nagging voice a little, and just relax, unwinds, and appreciate the moment. With a THC ratio of 21-26%, Headband comprehends a powerful punch.

Northern Lights

Indeed, one of the most famous Indicas within the medical marijuana community; Northern lights help in lifting your mood and spirit. NL numbs your body and mind, to bring you to a stage of complete relaxation. Eventually, it even takes one to sedation, which is very beneficial for individuals who have Bipolar disorder, particularly when experiencing a period of craze and need to calm down. Also, this strain is ideal for any mood disorder patients struggling with insomnia and lack of appetite. 

Green Crack

Experts don’t consider this particular strain for all types of mood disorder patients; one should consume it only when they have deep depressive symptoms. As the name itself suggests, this Sativa is ultra energizing; which means it motivates those who are feeling sad or hopeless to take that first and often difficult step of starting their day.


Boasting a rare 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, Cannatonic can help relieve the painful symptoms of numerous medical conditions, including depression. Additionally, it works wonders in numbing chronic pain, spurring appetite, uplifting the spirit, and further relaxing muscles and body tension. Consequently, it helps to make it easier to unwind and even to fall asleep if you are feeling tense. All and all, this unique cannabis strain is magical for inmates suffering from depressive disorders, particularly, or even SAD.

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