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5 Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking With Edibles

5 Mistakes Rookies Make When Cooking With Edibles

Whether relaxing at home or throwing a party, cannabis edibles can add a delightful twist to everything. All you have to do is carefully choose the type of cannabis product you want to consume, purchase it using a medical marijuana card online, and relish in its euphoric effects.

You can also cook edibles at home and in case you don’t get it right or it is your first time with cannabis cooking, we can help you make the wrong right.

What are the mistakes rookies make when cooking with edibles?

Read on to see which mistakes can ruin your cannabis cooking experience, and master the world of making marijuana-infused delicacies.

Do Not Cook With Raw Cannabis

Most Newbies or rookies end up making this mistake. They cook with raw cannabis and fail to enjoy the proper effects of THC. Technically, you need to heat the buds in order to activate THC or CBD for that matter.

The process of heating is called decarboxylation and for the same, you have to preheat the oven to 120 degrees Celsius. Next, you have to spread the buds on the baking tray over a baking sheet evenly and heat it in the oven for 45 minutes or 1 hour. Also, make sure that you check your buds every 15 minutes, stir the buds, and prevent them from burning.

In addition to this, when you make canna-butter, always keep in mind that the temperature of the heat should be low throughout the cooking session. You can use slow cookers in this case or stir the butter consistently until it’s ready. Overall, the gist of this point is that you have to decarboxylate your cannabis before cooking or making cannabis-infused butter.


Do Not Waste Buds While Experimenting

Let’s face it, cannabis comes at a significant price. Those who don’t have a steady income will probably end up burdening their pockets. Also, this is the prime reason why you cannot waste your buds while experimenting in the kitchen.

We understand that you’re cooking for the first time, but you don’t need a huge amount. Even a little bud would go a long way. In fact, several commercial kitchens in the US derive cannabinoids from stems, shakes, leaves, and trims. So, this means that you can use the leftovers in the bag, mix it, and use it for cooking. Consider this option if you do not have a steady income, and keep the prime stuff for other purposes.

Add Water to Your Cannabis-Infused Butter

While some people or cannabis experts will steer away from adding water to butter or oil, we believe that adding a little water will prevent your butter from burning. You see, when you add water to the butter, it does not deteriorate the quality of the cannabinoids. You can add water according to the quantity of butter you’re cooking because there’s no universal rule here. But try not to use excessive amounts of water, keep the quantity of the butter in mind, and stir until the water evaporates.


Strain Slowly and Carefully

The last but the most nerve-racking part of making cannabis-infused butter is that you have to strain it properly. Straining requires technique and precision. If you squeeze the cheesecloth to get every drop of butter, you will end up with butter containing a mix of the pant material. While straining, either let the cheesecloth do its job or be gentle with it. More vitally, allow gravity to do the job for you.


Check the Potency Before You Cook

Cooking with cannabis does not mean that you have to spoil the broth. Yes, it’s crucial to keep the techniques in mind, but be wary of how much butter you use to cook a certain recipe.

For instance, if you decide to make cannabis-infused pasta, first check the potency of your butter. You can consume a small teaspoon of your butter as a testing dose. Next, wait for the effects to show and determine how many teaspoons you can use to make the pasta or any other dish.

Another alternative is to drizzle cannabis-infused oil or butter over the dish and then gauge the effects to determine how much canna-butter you should use in the near future.

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