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5 Best Ways to Enjoy Cannabis at Home

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There are a variety of ways available to help you enjoy the effects of cannabis.

Some choose methods such as vaping, while others like to gulp an edible

Whatever the choice, you cannot enjoy the effects until you have good company and a sound environment. 

And anyone who has used cannabis in the past knows that. 

So, how do you use cannabis?

Do you use it for medical reasons after getting a medical cannabis card

Or else, do you simply enjoy it to relax after a hectic day from the office? 

Well, there can be several reasons, but here’s a post that can help you enjoy cannabis to the fullest. 

Run a Marathon of Movies 

Getting slouched under the influence of cannabis means you cannot run. So, you might as well run a marathon of movies you didn’t have time to watch in the past. You can watch classical movies or sci-fi fiction while you’re stoned on your favorite cannabis product.

If classical and sci-fi do not work for you, pick something out of the box (such movies become fun to watch when you’re a little tipsy-turvy) and run a marathon of movies. It will be equally taxing as running, and there’s no doubt that you will enjoy your day to the fullest.

Also, with the amount of good content being delivered to us, it is impossible to run out of movies and TV shows. And I think that this is the best time to lay your hands on good quality content. All you have to do is tap into your emotions and see which movie or show will perfectly fit your taste. My personal favorites are shows from the Elizabethan and medieval ages. You can try those and see if your cannabis high correlates with a gone-by era. If not, pick your favorite genre and run a marathon until you feel it’s time to take a nap.

Pamper Yourself

Any time is the best time to indulge in self-care activities. It can be anything, from brewing a cup of freshly roasted coffee to applying a face mask before going to bed. And the good news is, cannabis can really help you amplify the whole experience of taking care of yourself. In fact, it is always nice to take care of yourself.

So, take out a face mask, and if you don’t have one, make it. You can use ingredients from your pantry and for a natural face mask. If you are in the mood for a shower, why take the monotonous route, try something different instead. For instance, fill your bathtub with warm water and add some relaxing bath salts to it.

Then put on some calming music and rest your mind and body. If you want this experience to go to the next level, make a cannabis cocktail and sip your way through the bath.

Get Your Hands on Cooking

Most likely, two things can happen in this scenario. First, you love to cook, and second, you simply order takeaways and depend on someone who can cook for you. If you fall into the latter category, I think these crucial times are the best way to get your hands dirty.

After all, ordering food is not a safe option. There’s a possibility you can catch the coronavirus from cardboard and plastic surfaces. So, this is not the right time to run away from the kitchen. In fact, fill up your pantry and use the pots lying aimlessly in the kitchen cabinets.

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While you are in the kitchen, make your cooking fun by adding a little cannabis to your cooking routine. The high will enable you to enjoy the same cooking process you dreaded for years. In my opinion, you can make a lavish dinner for yourself. Starting with the appetizer, main course, and dessert.

You can watch YouTube videos or take help from a friend and feed yourself after the cooking is over. Also, it is advised that you savor the food after you are done. Because by that time you will be famished and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Tap Into Your Creative-Self 

If you are not a writer, musician, or painter, it doesn’t mean that you are not creative. Everyone has inherent creativity. You just have to tap into that creative potential and find out what interests you. It could be something as simple as a craft kit or a musical instrument lying in the basement. Now is the perfect time to lay your hands on the instrument and learn something you never dared to do before.

The best part is you don’t have an audience. Cannabis will give you some confidence and motivation. For lessons, you can type guitar lessons for beginners on the search bar and start with the basics. The same goes for other kinds of musical instruments.

For other creative endeavors, you can follow the same routine. Get high on your favorite strain. Next, print out coloring pages. Fill them with various colors as long as you feel creative. It is not a bad idea, and neither is DIY arts and crafts at home. So, pick anything that taps into your potential and brings out the creative person inside you.

Do Yoga

Yoga and cannabis go perfectly well with each other. And to keep the anxiety at bay, try mixing your morning yoga routines with cannabis. Cannabis can help you concentrate and stay calm while you practice meditation. If you are not a big fan of yoga, there are other options for you. For example, try pilates, Zumba, or go for an intense cardio session.

My personal recommendation would be that you try yoga first and then jump onto the bandwagon of intense workouts. Although ensure that you start with a small cannabis dose and then adjust your exercise routine at your convenience. Also, do not fret if you don’t have the right exercise equipment at home.

Yoga requires you to have a simple mat, and there are simple exercise modules that deliver effective results. So, you don’t need equipment, you only need a good exercise routine. 

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