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5 Ways Vaping Marijuana is Better Than Smoking

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For ages, rolling your crushed weed and puffing it down has been one of the most famous ways of consuming cannabis. In fact, even today, most people prefer smoking over any other method. However, cannabis doctors say it might not be the best choice for you in terms of health. There are various studies around the globe suggesting that smoking cannabis on a regular basis is detrimental to your overall health.

But what about vaping? Is vaping marijuana safe, or at least better than smoking? Well, many medical marijuana doctors say yes. While there is still a lot that needs to be found, experts believe there are many benefits of vaping over smoking.

How Vaping is better than smoking?

Vaping is better than smoking in many ways.

Here are top 5 ways in which vaping is far better than smoking.

It’s Better for Your Lung Health

One of the very significant benefits of vaping your cannabis over smoking is that it’s better for your lung health. Now, there’s not much research available on this topic. Yet, we have significant scientific as well as anecdotal evidence available to support this theory.

Cannabis doctors say that vaping merits smoking in this aspect because here the herb is heated at a specific temperature rather than being burnt. And this way, you eliminate the harmful toxic gases and inhale the plant material mostly.

It’s Discreet

Vaping your cannabis is also a lot more discreet as compared to smoking. This is because vapes do not produce as much smell while consumption. That being said, though, the method isn’t completely smell-free.

Dry herb vaporizers, for instance, do produce a scent, no matter how refined they are. Yes, it’s not as prominent as with combustion. Still, it is there. With vape cartridges, though, the smell is extremely less.

All this discretion means you can consuming cannabis via vaping anywhere (legal) without worrying about its smell.

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It Wastes Your Cannabis Less

When you smoke cannabis, a lot of your useful cannabinoid content also burns off during combustion. Medical cannabis doctors, in fact, say that when you burn your marijuana joint, you are left with only around 10 percent of cannabinoids that your bud originally carries. And this makes smoking one of the most inefficient ways of consuming the herb.

With vaping, on the other hand, you get to enjoy as much as 95 percent of cannabinoids. This means the effects will be better. And also, you’ll save a lot of your money.

It’s Better For Your Skin

You perhaps are familiar with the fact that the tar that is produced while smoking may wreak havoc on your respiratory system. But do you know it may also be extremely damaging to your skin?

Cannabis doctors say that the by-products of cannabis combustion may damage your skin cells and promote aging. Tar produced during smoking has a lot of free radicals that may affect your skin negatively. They increase the wrinkles and marks on your skin significantly.

While vaping your cannabis, though, you don’t have to worry about it, as there’s no combustion involved. And thus, you are exposed to fewer toxins.

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You May Vape at Home Freely

Unlike smoking, you can consume cannabis through vaping conveniently even when indoors. Now, a lot of people still smoke cannabis indoors only.

However, in this case, there is a chance of the toxic matter, which combustion releases, to linger on your clothes, curtains, and furniture afterward. And these toxins may release a very strong smell that you can’t get rid of very easily.

On the other hand, in the case of vaping, there is no such issue. As we discussed, there is no combustion and in turn very few toxins. Thus, you can freely vape your cannabis even indoors.

Though smoking still remains the most common way of consuming cannabis, vaping is a lot better alternative. Vaping, as we discussed has several benefits over smoking, for your health as well as in general. Hence, if you still smoke your bud, I think, it’s time to make a switch.

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