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Can Marijuana Use Impact On My Job Performance?

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As more and more states legalize marijuana, the debates around cannabis safe use have also risen. Be it in terms of medical use or workers coming to work under the influence of marijuana. You see, people consume cannabis in some or the other form these days. This, in turn, sparks doubts and confusion in the workplace. On top of it, more and more states have either decriminalized marijuana or legalized both recreational and medical cannabis. As a result, many businesses are grappling with the coexistence of cannabis use and office work. Not only this, but some employers are more concerned about the mind-altering effects of marijuana. After all, marijuana works in its own mysterious ways. 

Unlike alcohol, it stays in the human body for weeks. And the bad news is that these situations could be bad for employees appearing for a workplace drug test. This does not mean that it is not possible to use marijuana in a state that has legalized it. You can get 420 med evaluations and purchase high-quality strains. The only exception is those workplace policies are different and a failed drug test can cause trouble in paradise. 

Interestingly, the proliferation of cannabis regulations concerns businesses and companies operating in states with legal status. It is especially vexing for companies that do not allow any sort of drug use during working hours. So, everything boils down to a constant rift between company policies and state cannabis laws. To add more confusion comes the federal status. According to federal law, cannabis still comes under the category of schedule-1 substances. This is why we would like to discuss a few things you should learn about cannabis use in working places and can it affect your performance. Without further ado, let’s begin.


What Does Research Say?  

According to a recent study, the intoxicating effect of cannabis does not affect the job performance of an individual. Particularly, when you use cannabis after work hours. The study was published in a journal named Group and Organization Management. The study went on to say that after work hours cannabis use will not affect your job performance adversely. It examined the effect on cannabis on individuals who use it before, after, and during work hours. Based on cannabis use, the effect was measured by team supervisors. The authors, in turn, noticed that world places have strict measures regarding drug use. However, not all businesses are focused on exploring cannabis use in the modern workplace era. 

The authors of the study also examined the task performance, ability to perform assignments, and teamwork during this assessment. The work behavior of 281 employees was measured against the time and number of cannabis use. And the findings revealed that using marijuana before or during work hours does not affect the way employees work. The report came out as counterproductive and work behaviors were quite positive. 

You also have to take note that people tend that cannabis users are not good employees. Besides other stigmas associated with cannabis, this is the one that raises many questions. On the contrary, not all forms of cannabis harm the ability of an individual to perform official tasks. Unless, of course, you overdose on cannabis and start hallucinating. Some people use cannabis for the purpose of medical advantages. So, taking marijuana after work could simply mean that they are trying to relax after a hectic day at work. Instead, this can be good for an employee who wants to relax all night and then go to the office the next day with a fresh mind. 

Can Marijuana Improve Your Job Performance? 

The above-stated study suggests that marijuana use does not deter the job performance of an employee. So, does that mean it can improve an employer’s ability to work more productively? Well, read on to find the answer. First and foremost, you need to understand that cannabis has therapeutic benefits. And there’s no doubt about the fact that more and more people use cannabis for its relaxing properties. That said, let us take a look at another study to help you understand how cannabis can help improve your work performance. 

Another study with an SDSU professor as one of the authors suggested that some forms of cannabis can actually improve work performance. He further explained that people who consume after work hours can easily distract themselves from work stress. This allows them to focus on the positive side rather than holding to the negativity caused by stress. Not only this, but the relaxing properties will help them calm down. It will help them restore their lost energy and they can return to the office with more energy and positivity. Although, the study did not back the concept with concrete scientific evidence. 

What’s More 

It is vital to note that these findings will have a certain impact on organizations and companies who believe cannabis impacts the work environment negatively. So far, we do not have any concrete proof indicating that cannabis use compromises the ability of an employee to work effectively. Moreover, this research questions the usefulness of drug screening tests positioned in some workspaces. Also, people who are fired on the basis of drug policies can feel like the company is practices discrimination. This is the main reason why people think that policies against cannabis use should be amended. This will help establish harmony amongst people who use cannabis after or before work hours. Interestingly, if you look at modern work culture. A few companies allow patients to use cannabis during work hours. So, there’s no reason why workplaces cannot adapt to new changes. 

In addition to this, some experts think that research into drug screening could put an end to this practice. Since we have studies revealing that cannabis has no impact on job performance. We feel that companies will be hard-pressed by employees to continue policies that prohibit cannabis use of all forms. 

The Law Stands Against Cannabis Use In Work Spaces 

The research is in favor of cannabis users, but there’s a slight hiccup here. Or to be precise a major roadblock. You see, the law permits companies and businesses to fire employees who test positive for drug use. Unfortunately, cannabis qualifies as a drug under schedule 1 of the federal laws. 

Let us give you an example. Colorado legalized cannabis use for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Despite that, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employers can suspend or fire workers who consume recreational and medical cannabis. The main reason behind this ruling is that marijuana remains illegal under federal law. And the bad news is we can constantly see employees being fired for using marijuana. Surprisingly, even if you use cannabis for medical reasons, you are likely to get fired if the test doesn’t come in your favor. 

The bottom line is that living in a legal state does not permit you to use cannabis during working hours. Given the fact that cannabis can stay in your system for months. You are likely to test positive and it doesn’t matter if you use cannabis for medical reasons using 420 med evaluations, after work hours, or before coming to the office. 

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