Cannabis Doctor Los Angeles tips: How to Preserve CBD

Cannabis Doctor Los Angeles tips_ How to Preserve CBD

We are as concerned about you as you think we must be, so our cannabis doctor Los Angeles decided to help you preserve medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is just like the illegal one; you have to take care of it very seriously. If you are not willing to sweat for it, there are no chances that it will survive.

The ways are straightforward and natural, but you may just have to be a little careful while preserving MMJ. Of course, you are spending so much money to get well; there’s no point in wasting it.

Keep It Away From Sunlight

Johnny Cash can have his sunshine wherever he wants, but there must be none for your marry. Just like the olive oil, cannabis flower also hates sunlight.

Keep Marijuana Away From Sunlight

UV rays coming from the sun breaks down the organic matter presented in cannabis.

In technical language, Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun kills the cannabinoids which kills the potency of marry flower.

And it is not only about the sunlight; every kind of light affects cannabis severely.

Hence, cannabis doctor Los Angeles always recommends that one must store their medical CBD into painted containers.

Cooler Than Me

You must know it already, but for the record, you have to store your medical marijuana someplace cooler.

How cool you must be questioning, 2-3 degrees lower than the temperature of your room.

But, not too cold, if you were planning to put it into a jar and stuff into your fridge, it would be a horrible idea.

If the temperature is too cold, it will freeze off all the good stuff, leaving your flower nothing but a dry waste.

The fridge is also a bad idea because it has a lot of moisture in it, which will ruin the plant totally.

No Air for Ol’ Marry

Medical marijuana is an exceptional product which demands special attention and another step in the direction is keeping it air free.

Oxygen is one of the fierce enemies of marijuana. Hence, for storage rather than the traditional plastic bag, you should go for an airtight jar.

The best option in this condition will be a dark-coloured airtight glass container. Limited air access will preserve cannabis plant’s freshness keeping cannabinoid and terpene inside.

Nonetheless, the patient must never stuff the CBD up to the neck of the jar. There must be breathing space in the pot.

Do Not Touch It

You must not touch the medicine until you are preparing to consume it. Unnecessary touching of the plant will only lead to it drying sooner, nothing else.

When cannabis comes into human touch, it breaks the trichomes in it, which will kick start the process of drying off the medicine. 

Different Shoes for Different Feet

Not the actual shoes or feet we are talking about here it is just a metaphor. When you will be choosing the jars for your medical marijuana, do not forget to get different ones for diverse strains.

DO NOT MATCH AND MIX; it is not an option; you cannot mix or match various strains of medical cannabis; it is not any homemade mocktail.

Marijuana’s every strain is unique and serves different purposes, thanks to various characteristics. 

Best would be to label each one of them differently.  

The Ending Words

So, these were cannabis doctor Los Angeles tips on, “How to Preserve CBD”. We think we must have something new in your brain bank after reading our blog.

Medical cannabis is a boon to humanity, which is serving us again in every sector, so keeping it legal and using is legal is essential.

So, always be responsible and use it as it is meant to be.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.