Cannabis for Sleep- What Do Cannabis Doctors in Los Angeles Say?

Cannabis for Sleep

What are the essential requirements of leading a healthy life?
  • Eating Healthy Diet
  • Being Physically Active

Hang On!

You missed out on a vital necessity to be healthy.

What is that?
Yes! You heard it right.

Many doctors, as well as cannabis doctor in Los Angeles, have confirmed that sleep is very critical for maintaining physical as well as mental health. Still, very few people take their sleep issues seriously.

More than 20% of the U.S. population experience sleep disorders at some or the other point of their lives.

Why should you avoid using prescription sleeping pills?

Avoid Using Prescription Sleeping Pills

You can find many types of brands which offer sleeping pills as an effective sleep-aid. However, these prescription pills have various associated adverse effects like:

  • Dizziness
  • Severe Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and nausea
  • Prolonged drowsiness
  • Severe allergic reaction (Sometimes)
  • Daytime memory or performance problems

Use of Cannabis to Restore Sleep Cycles

As many people are experiencing sleep disorders, plus conventional pharmaceutical drugs have many side-effects. This has led to switch from traditional or alternative treatment options to medical marijuana therapy.

Use Cannabis to Restore Sleep Cycles

Many cannabis doctors in Los Angeles and in other places where medical marijuana treatment is legalized like Dr. Matt Roman, a medical marijuana specialist advocates the consumption of medical cannabis to restore a patient’s natural sleep cycle.

It can be used in either situation whether you have a chronic sleep disorder or difficulty sleeping after a stressful day.

The Science behind Sleep and Medical Marijuana

Studies have confirmed that medical cannabis is an effective sleep aid because of its therapeutic effect on our body’s EC system. Medical cannabis doctor in Los Angeles advocates that marijuana relieves any kind of stress thereby, inducing a sedative effect.

marijuana sleep aid effect


You might not be aware that sleep is classified into 5 stages and medical cannabis impacts all these stages especially its duration and intensity.

Stages of Sleep

The First Stage

This stage lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes, but during stress situations, it can take a lot more than the recommended time.
Medical marijuana enhances relaxation as well as significantly induces sleep.

The Second Stage

In this stage, sleep is still very light where the person can wake up very easily. Medical cannabis reduces the chances of sleep disturbances during this stage.

The Third and Fourth Stage

Here, medical cannabis acts by prolonging the stage, thereby efficiently improving the sleep duration.

The Fifth Stage

This is the stage where a person dreams.

Research has confirmed that medical cannabis decreases REM sleep which reduces the chances of any dreams. This benefits a patient who has sleep issues due to any traumatic events.

Which cannabinoid is useful in inducing sound sleep?

The primary active ingredient which acts on the receptors in the brain for producing sedation is, THC.


A study performed by a team of researchers from California confirmed that THC produces sedation via:

  • Initiating CB1 receptors present in the hypothalamus, thereby inducing sedative effects
  • Increasing the levels of the sleep compound-adenosine.

How to consume medical cannabis for a good night sleep?

There are many ways where you can consume cannabis like smoking, vaping, ingestion and many more. However, medical cannabis specialist in Los Angeles advises to increase the dosage gradually to prevent any side-effects.

Although, dosage plays a role in the final result, but, the timing of the consumption is also very important, especially for a sound sleep.

Every person reacts differently to cannabis. However, it is advised to ingest marijuana at least an hour before you go to bed. You can also consult a medical cannabis doctor in Los Angeles to confirm which strains and method will suit your medical condition the most.


People who have the history of heart-attacks or reduced cardiovascular health are advised not to consume cannabis at all.


Although, benefits of medical cannabis for sleep issues are still being performed, but, a lot of reliable as well as peer-reviewed data implies its potential as a sleep aid.

However, you will get better results if you incorporate good sleep practices along with it. Consult medical cannabis doctor in Los Angeles and learn which cannabis strain is beneficial for you.

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