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CBD for Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

CBD for Skincare

CBD or cannabidiol has emerged as one of the revolutionary medicinal compounds in recent medical history. All of this is possible due to the natural therapeutic benefits that the use of CBD promises and delivers for a medical marijuana patient. This is also the reason why it is experimented with so often worldover.

The sparkling city of Los Angeles, which is home to many celebrities and famous influencers understands the significance of using CBD in skin care formulations. People who have a medical marijuana card in hand or who renew MMJ card well in time can directly benefit from these special CBD-infused products.

For a beginner who isn’t aware about it, we have covered all relevant information regarding this in our blog down below. Let us tick off each of the important pointers one by one.

How Does CBD Work for Skin Care?

The first question that pops in the mind of any CBD enthusiast is whether there are any studies that prove the skincare benefits of CBD. A special study has indeed talked about cannabidiol’s sebostatic and antiinflammatory effects on human sebocytes. This particular study is often considered to be a trailblazing one.

Why is this study so important?
In the words of a layman, this study pointed out the beneficial effects that the use of CBD can have for a person with acne ridden skin. Due to its sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effects it can reduce the size and appearance of pimples on the skin if applied topically. This was a major finding that drove many minds to using CBD for skincare.

Another important research that contributed significantly to this discussion was one which talked about the anti-ageing benefits of this special cannabinoid. Anti-ageing products sell like hotcakes. Humans are scared of the future in which they envision themselves with a head of white hair with ugly wrinkled skin. They can go to any length to appear younger or prolong the plumpness of their skin. For this reason, the anti-ageing property of cannabidiol became the talk of the town. This was also why CBD skin care products became so popular in the market.

Since CBD can work effectively for both acne and ageing, the two skincare nightmares for any normal human, it automatically becomes super important. Now that we have established how CBD exactly works for skin care, we need to understand how a patient can find the best skin care product for themselves. Let us help you out in your endeavor.

How Can You Find the Best CBD Skin Care Product?

As mentioned before CBD has truly overtaken the market in recent years. All the credit to this is owed to the welcome approach of progressive lawmakers in different states and cities of the USA. When the market is spilling from excess CBD infused products filled up to the brim, how will you choose the one most suited to your needs? Here are a few suggestive tips that can help with buying the right CBD skin care product for yourself.

Be Clear About the Purpose of Use

When a person is looking for products in the market, there is most often a need associated with it. For instance if you are on the lookout for strains to treat your chronic pain, the purpose of doing so is to treat the chronic pain symptoms. The purpose of buying a particular CBD skin care product should also then be clear in the mind of the buyer.

Whether the product is meant for the treatment of acne, ageing, or intense inflammation caused by psoriasis or any of the other disorders, the buyer should be clear about it. Then only can they buy the product which would be a perfect fit.

Check for Third Party Testing Reports

There are many products in the market, so to ensure the safety and quality of the product, it is always best to check for additional third party testing reports. Not all products will be accompanied with it but for the sake of your satisfaction and complete reliance it is best to use the ones that do have it.

It is always a relief when the lab reports do talk about the exact CBD percentage in the product. When the clear labeling and packaging of the product highlight the lab results, it makes the product seem more genuine.

Read About Which Type of CBD Is Used in the Formulation

CBD has been classified into three major divisions. This classification is done on the basis of the presence of trace amounts of THC or any other cannabinoids in the type of CBD used in the product.

  • It will be a CBD Isolate product when the CBD used is pure. No other cannabinoids or any of the naturally occurring substances like flavonoids or terpenes can be traced in it.
  • Alternatively it will be a Full spectrum CBD product when certain trace amounts of THC or any of the other cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol) and antioxidant compounds are present in it. It is important to add here that the amount of THC will always be less than 0.3%, which is why it will be legal to use on the federal level.
  • A Broad spectrum CBD product is one which will have no detectable level of THC.

Bottom Line

After having elaborated on all the relevant points regarding CBD in regards to skincare, we have found that it can work quite effectively for many patients. This conclusion has been derived on the basis of information that has been collected overtime from various sources. CBD is hence an important cannabinoid and should be treated as such.

It is also important to spread awareness regarding the effectiveness of this substance for skincare issues. Hence if you are a patient who has benefited please spread the word as that can help other patients who are suffering too.

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