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Cannabis Doctor Los Angeles Clears Out Doubts About Hemp CBD

Cannabis doctor Los Angeles

Newspapers, magazines, friends, relatives, doctors, and even your family. People across the globe are talking about CBD. It is one of the primary cannabinoids other than THC that provides effective therapeutic properties. Cannabis doctor Los Angeles confirm its benefits in alleviating a variety of medical conditions. Starting from a mere pain to as big as adjunct therapy in managing symptoms of cancer patients. 

But, researchers are still in a dilemma whether to affirm or deny its incredible medicinal properties. As for now only preclinical or anecdotal studies can confirm its properties. 

Last year after the approval of a CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, companies started coming up with innovative products. For instance, Delta Botanicals came up with different flavors of CBD oil. 

But, as you can see above, there is something written in bold letters.


Unlike what many people think, not everything that has CBD in it comes from medical marijuana. You need medical marijuana evaluations Los Angeles only when you use CBD from medical cannabis. Reason being, such products contain a higher concentration of THC. 


Cannabis doctor Los Angeles suggest going for different ways. You can inhale it, apply to your skin, or ingest it. Whichever type of consumption you opt for, chances of getting high are minimal. 

Before going in detail on the misconceptions about Hemp CBD. Let’s discuss a bit about Hemp CBD to understand the next section of the article better. 

What is Hemp CBD?

Cannabis is a type of plant species that is available in two primary forms, marijuana and hemp. One gets you high and the other is entirely responsible for manufacturing certain industry products. 

It’s simple. Cannabis plant species containing less than 0.3% of THC is hemp, and anything more than that will fall into the category of medical marijuana. Even certain experts or some so-called CBD professionals are sharing wrong information about CBD. 

Moving on to some of the common myths about CBD hemp. And help you understand the truth behind every wrong perception about hemp CBD. 


Myth 1: Hemp CBD is Psychoactive or Gets You High

In the first part of this article, we mentioned that hemp contains only a trace amount of CBD. That means under any circumstances, the chance of you getting high are like less than 1%.

Cannabis doctor Los Angeles confirm that if you find any article or website stating Hemp CBD oil gets you high. They are probably lying or just giving away negative feedback. 

Myth 2: Hemp And Marijuana Are Same

This is also completely false. Although, both of them come from the same plant called Cannabis sativa. Strains that are grown for industrial purposes is hemp. And the ones grown for their psychoactive nature is medical marijuana.

Myth 3: Hemp CBD is Only Good For The Treatment of Epilepsy

Hemp oil is definitely an option for the management of epilepsy or its symptoms. But, its benefits are not limited to that alone. Rather, hemp CBD oil has a lot of other therapeutic benefits as well.

  1. Managing high blood pressure
  2. Reducing high cholesterol 
  3. Decreasing sleeping disorders
  4. Improving any type of psychological disorders
  5. As an adjunct with cancer therapy 

And a lot of other medical conditions. 

Certainly, hemp CBD is a product of interest here. But, as there are no strict guidelines concerning CBD products. So, there might be incidences when you might buy fake CBD products. Cannabis doctor Los Angeles confirm that it might be challenging to find the right products for yourself.  


Here’s How You Can Distinguish The Good From The Bad Ones

Look For The Growing Standards

As hemp has an ability to absorb all the ingredients in its vicinity while growing. It is very important to consume only naturally extracted hemp. As any product extracted using butane or grown using pesticides with affect your health. So, make sure that you don’t choose any such products. 

Look For Manufacturer Details

Use products only from a reputable manufacturer. As they follow all the standards that will ensure quality of these products. Other than that, look for the percentage of every ingredient used in a given product. 

So, following these steps will help you choose only good quality products. That will subsequently be beneficial for alleviating your respective medical condition significantly.

How to Use Hemp CBD?

Cannabis doctor Los Angeles suggest choosing the option that will benefit your condition. For example, if you are looking for instant effects, going for edibles will be a wrong idea. 

On the contrary, using vape oil or transdermal patches will suit your health condition in the best possible way. Because of their instant therapeutic effects. 

To sum up, hemp CBD is one of the best medical therapy options available for reducing your symptoms. But, precaution is the key for ensuring healthy outcomes. Especially, when it comes to purchasing hemp CBD products.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.