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A Complete Guide on CBD by Medical Marijuana Doctors Los Angeles

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CBD is one of the buzzwords people hear everywhere these days. If you live in a cannabis-legalized state, then, you probably hear about CBD more often. Spas are offering CBD facials, coffee shops are selling CBD lattes, and many CBD health products are available in the market. Even with so many products around, many people still don’t clearly understand the story of CBD. There is a lack of information, misconceptions, and confusion surrounding CBD. Medical marijuana doctors Los Angeles realized this and came up with this complete CBD guide. And if you’re reading this, you are undoubtedly one of those people who want to learn and understand more about CBD.

So, here it is!

What is CBD?

medical marijuana doctor evaluations Los Angeles

CBD is a unique chemical compound of the cannabis plant and stands for Cannabidiol. It naturally occurs in a marijuana plant with other components such as THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. With advanced extraction methods, it is now possible to separate CBD from other cannabis compounds. Hence, it is used in edibles, oils, health products, and cosmetics.

CBD is useful for people suffering from both physical and mental health ailments like generalized pain, depression, bad digestion, anxiety, and other problems. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive property, which is great to use it in the day time. You don’t feel any alteration in your ability to concentrate. So, using CBD is like having all the best benefits of marijuana without feeling “high”.

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CBD Has a Deep History

CBD’s therapeutic benefits have been discovered recently is a common misconception – says medical marijuana doctors Los Angeles. And is far away from the actual truth.

In 2737 BC, a Chinese emperor named Sheng Nung was the first person who used the cannabis-derived component as medicine. The ingredients derived from cannabis were infused in tea to treat malaria, gout, rheumatism, memory loss, and other ailments. 

In the mid-1800s, William B. O’Shaughnessy published a thorough medical paper that documented the use of cannabis. Similarly, the use of cannabis and its components has been a therapeutic medicinal source. However, modern medicine started questioning the legitimacy of the traditional methods due to the lack of proper scientific research.

The Discovery of Cannabis Derivatives

When O’Shaughnessy researched cannabis, there was no way to discover the natural compounds of the plant. But, a century later, technology and research techniques got advanced, and the compounds of the cannabis plant were discovered.

Cannabinoids are the name given to the compounds found within Cannabis. And British chemist named Robert S discovered the first cannabinoid. Cahn, who reported a partial structure of a compound in cannabis. Cannabinol or CBN was the name given to this compound after full identification in 1940.

Then, after two years, it was an American chemist named Roger Adams who discovered and isolated CBD for the first time. It was this discovery that led to the discovery of THC later. And today, not only Medical marijuana doctors Los Angeles but every marijuana doctor is researching the therapeutic benefits of THC.

How CBD Has Risen in America

California became the first American state to pass a proposition of legalized medical marijuana. 

After that, seven other American states also legalized medical marijuana. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington followed suit in 1998, Maine in 1999, and Nevada, Hawaii, and Colorado did the same in the year 2000. 

With medical marijuana legalized, patients became able to obtain cannabis legally. And this promoted more researches and studies in the area of cannabis components and its medicinal uses. 

These researches took place to understand the use of CBD to treat ailments like epilepsy, chronic pain, and various neurodegenerative diseases. Hence, CBD and cannabis itself started coming above the stigma that surrounded it. But, CBD, being related to cannabis, the same laws surrounded this component, even when it had no psychoactive property of marijuana. 

But, then, patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and other diseases started sharing personal stories about CBD and how it helps to relax, treat, and recover. The personal nature of the stories contributed to reducing the misconceptions associated with- CBD being a psychoactive and addictive component.

The Use of CBD Today

Use of CBD

Today, people are quickly becoming aware of the CBD component and its actual potential. The products and supplements of CBD are legal in all fifty states. However, in individual states, the legal nature of CBD depends on its origin. 

For healing purposes, people are using CBD water, CBD lotions, CBD oil, and other products to treat inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and other health problems. Athletes use CBD to relieve and recover faster to maintain their performance and workouts. People with mental illness find CBD helpful in coping with the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. In fact, many people prefer CBD products over traditional painkillers. This is all due to the minimal or no side effects associated with CBD as compared to traditional painkillers and other medicines. 

A CBD medication known as Epidiolex is FDA-approved to treat some epilepsy conditions. Plus, there are people everywhere dedicating the credit of various health benefits to CBD.

The Takeaway

From experts to users, everyone considers CBD completely safe. The history and now scientific research have shown the benefits of CBD in all forms. So, you can start trying it for your reasons or consult medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles if you feel like.

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