Consumers Are Using Evaluations By Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles For Wellness

Consumers Are Using Evaluations By Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles For Wellness

Many online surveys and medical marijuana doctor in Los Angeles confirmed that medical cannabis is no longer considered a product of people’s judgment more or less. While it took a few years to finally accept medical cannabis as a product of significance both for recreational and medicinal purposes.

The norms and stigmas around cannabis are fading every passing day. It’s just amazing that thousands of consumers have been added to the list in just last year. It was seen just last year, Californians alone spent a large sum of more than $1.5 billion on legal cannabis.

While many would be “rolling eyes” assuming all of this was spent just to get “stoned”. Well, to your surprise, the idea of using cannabis was mostly based on healthcare and wellness. It’s like people are finally realizing its potential as a therapeutic adjunct or substitute.

As per the former Coca-Cola executive, “CBD is the “new avocado toast”, and solely for a good reason. Here’s how a range of cannabis products have swiftly entered the market as per the ongoing trends.

  • CBD

According to a report published in LAWEEKLY, it is predicted that Americans will be buying around $520 million worth of CBD products. That’s a lot!

It has been seen that patients are looking for mmj doctors via weedmaps and other sites for 420 evaluations to get access to legal cannabis with high CBD content along with innumerable CBD products available in the market for pain, anxiety.

Because CBD is known for its non-psychoactive effects. Overall consumers are getting acquainted with the idea of using cannabis and its derivates in various forms as a remedy for their respective medical condition.

CBD Oil Products


  • Concentrates

Doctors conducting 420 evaluations in Los Angeles, or the whole of California are recommending vaping for instant action in cases like migraines, or other medical conditions which require immediate attention instead of long-lasting effects.

Companies like Dosist is continuously providing innovative cannabis products. Recently, disposable vapes have taken all the limelight. There has been a sharp increase of 13% in 2018 from 8% vape sales in 2017.

This is because there has been a rise in the market of vape oils and vaping, so the trend is shifting towards recycling and sustainable products.

  • Edibles


Who doesn’t like candies and brownies?

CBD and cannabis-infused edibles and tinctures are on the rise. Reason being, most people are using these products because of their ease of convenience. These are mostly alcohol-based cannabis extracts. The top five tincture products gave a gross income of more than $6 million in sales and were all CBD-infused products.

  • Topicals

Who doesn’t know Whoopi and Maya?

Their topicals are popular worldwide. Most women have been seen using these products mostly for their PMS issues along with skincare applications. This category has already generated more than $4million in sales so far.

  • Cannabis Flower

Most of the Californians are usually seen searching for “dispensary near me” after obtaining their 420 evaluations in Los Angeles. Flowers account for more than 40% of all legal cannabis sales with more than $12 million in sales already in 2019.

While most of you would be looking online for the next CBD or cannabis product. But, still, there is a lot of education required regarding proper usage of products that are coming up in the market. Consult medical marijuana doctor in Los Angeles to understand the benefits of cannabis products as per your respective medical conditions.