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The WHO statistic claims about 45% of all abortions are unsafe from the point of view of the methods used and the conditions they were done in. Such a high figure is the result of the low level of sex education and expensiveness of the procedure for the bulk of women making such a step live in the developing countries and don’t have access to qualified medical help.

Cytotec is a preparation applied for medical abortion. Although its uncontrolled intake can have some negative consequences for the women, the use of this preparation for terminating the pregnancy is still much safer if compared to surgical and other methods used for unsafe abortions. This preparation is also a way of avoiding surgical intrusion in women who had an incomplete miscarriage or intrapartum death of the fetus.Let’s find out some more about the drug.

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Where to Buy Cytotec?

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What Is Cytotec? How Does It Work?

This preparation belongs to the class of prostaglandin analogs. Its active substance is called misoprostol. It activates only selected prostaglandin receptors that make it much safer in terms of side effects if compared to other drugs used for medically induced abortions.

On getting into the female organism, Cytotec binds to the cells of the myometrium, triggering its strong contractions. As a result, the expulsion of the tissues, including the embryo or the fetus takes place. This process is accompanied by vaginal bleeding (sometimes heavy) and abdominal pain. If used alone, Cytotec is effective in 66 – 90% of abortions. To increase this percentage, mifepristone and misoprostol combination of drugs is usually used.

How is Cytotec Used?

Cytotec is a medication sold by prescription. Its intake, therefore, should be agreed upon with a doctor. Medical advice is crucial in such cases, as the dosage of the preparation, as well as the mode of its intake, depends on the general health condition of the woman, the term of pregnancy, and the presence or absence of any conditions that might increase the risks for side effects in the female patient.

The preparation is available in 200 mg dosage, yet this is not enough for medical abortion, and it’s up to your doctor to decide what dosage is needed in your particular case.

Although our online pharmacy does offer Cytotec over the counter, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your safety and take the medication without consulting a medical specialist first.

Who Should Avoid Taking Cytotec?

Before you buy Cytotec 200 mg online, you should go to the doctors to checkif you don’t have any contraindications to this preparation, as they may increase your risks for severe adverse reactions. Make sure you inform your doctor about:

  • An allergy to misoprostol or other ingredients of the drug;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Previous surgery on the uterus, including Cesarean section;
  • Five or more previous pregnancies.

It’s important to be honest with the doctor to minimize the risks for your health.

Possible Dangers of Cytotec Intake

It has already been mentioned that this medical abortion pill is considered rather safe. However, if used without medical advice and control, a woman may face some side effects, including:

  • Fever;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Severe abdominal pain;
  • Nausea;
  • Sweating;
  • Fainting;
  • Excessive bleeding.

An extremely rare but possible side effect of using Cytotec for terminating the pregnancy is uterine rupture. This is another reason for undergoing this procedure under medical control.

Another thing that may happen is an incomplete abortion, which will need a woman to get to the surgical method of terminating the pregnancy. It is also possible that the drug will fail to work, and the pregnancy will continue. The risk of congenital defects in such cases reaches 12%.

Where to Buy Cytotec?

This preparation is available for sale in the majority of regular pharmacies. However, there you can only get the medicine by prescription. In case you want to make the purchase maximum private and convenient, you can order the medication on our website. Our online pharmacy is the place where you can buy Cytotec over the counter. We guarantee your privacy, certified quality medication, reasonable prices, and fast delivery of Cytotec to your door. Take care of your health and make sure your decision to go for an abortion is thought over because once you take the first pill, there’s no way you can change your mind.

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