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How Has the Legalization of Medical Marijuana Affected Us?

legalization of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, the use of which was once criminalized, has now entered a completely legal and medical realm of purpose, especially in states like California. Being one of the earliest states to legalize both medical and recreational use of the herb, CA has structured quite open laws regarding the consumption and possession of the drug. With a Los Angeles medical marijuana card, an adult can get hands-on potent weed and derivatives, conditions applied. You must qualify for the state-specified medical conditions to get access.

But what happens with the legalization of marijuana? Does it lead to greater consumption? More intoxication in adolescents and adults? Or does it help patients with relief in pain and symptoms? Reduce signs of anxiety and depression?

There are so many ways in which the legalization of marijuana can affect us. Here, we’ll emphasize on the drug that you can only buy with a medical cannabis card.

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How has MMJ legalization affected us?

Reduction in Chronic Symptoms

Let’s just get this one out of the way!

The complete idea of legalizing marijuana was its benefits for a wide range of chronic illnesses and mental health disorders.

Thanks to the multiple researches done so far and anecdotal evidence, we’re clear about a few things.

  • Cannabis derivatives can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression when consumed in the right dosage.
  • The FDA has legalized the use of the first CBD based medication, Epidiolex, to treat a rare form of epilepsy disorder.
  • Cannabis use has shown remarkable effects in cancer patients that are receiving chemo, by reducing their pain and nausea and improving their appetite.
  • The herb has been recommended to treat symptoms of glaucoma.
  • Cannabis can help patients suffering from disorders like Alziemer’s and other forms of Dementia, especially in terms of relieving the aggression, agitation and anxiety that comes with these conditions.

Plummeting Number of Overdoses

This one makes you think!

The rapidly decreasing number of overdoses of this drug, and rapidly increasing availability of nonintoxicating but relieving recreational marijuana. Or the high doses of medical marijuana which can only be bought with a state-certified cannabis card.

When provided in the right quantities and in regulated forms, people are more interested in the benefits it provides that go beyond the high and intoxicity.

Reduced Use of Intoxicating and Habit Forming Drugs

If you know someone who’s ever taken an antidepressant for long periods, you know how hard getting off it can be. Or when an accident led to months worth of pain relievers.

These opioids can get extremely addictive after a period of time, leading you to find alternatives when your physician discontinues your prescription.

Cannabis, though it would be a lie to claim that it leads to no dependency at all, falls nowhere close to how addictive opioids or other substances of abuse can be. The THC found in cannabis is what makes the herb high and addictive, while the CBD helps bring calm and chill.

In other words, you can always decide the dose of your THC during consumption, limit your intake to higher CBD products and alternate between higher THC and higher CBD concentrates.

Easier Accessibility

In states that legalize marijuana use, both medically and recreationally, also have provisions making these products widely and easily accessible. As a marijuana user with a medical cannabis card, you can access any dispensaries across the state and find a product that fits your requirements the best.

Note: Before you go off and buy a cannabis product, consult your physician to know the probable effects, side effects and interactions with medication you might be consuming.

Cannabis accessibility isn’t limited to what you can find in dispensaries but also what you can grow in your backyard. As a medical MMJ user, you can also grow your own stash. With a grower’s license, you can exceed your legal cannabis limit, making the process convenient and economical.

Reduction in Prosecution

Possession, consumption and transportation of cannabis had led to thousands of convictions before different states decided to legalize the drug for medical and recreational purposes.

Following the legalization, there are barely any prosecutions taking place across these states, but there are still prior pre-legalization cases that require mend. This has caused a wedge between sole parental rights, employment opportunities and even renting a place out.

Pursuing the idea of decriminalizing the use of the drug, Los Angeles County has dropped 66000 marijuana convictions. The authorities have also asked people with this drug-based criminal record to come forward and get their records cleared.

Has Legalization Ended All Prejudice?

This one has been a little inconsistent, even as the laws have changed. So much so, that it became and still is a dicey matter that decides whether you retain your employment status or not.

Every company has its own rules when it comes to the use of any drugs, and that hasn’t changed for the use of medical marijuana. Hundreds have been let go, and thousands didn’t get past the screening.

It is only recently that organizations like Amazon have decided to get rid of these stringent rules. No longer declining applications on the basis of an employee’s medical cannabis use, the company is opening up its positions to a wider section of the population.

Other companies however still have limited provisions or none for medical cannabis users, let alone recreational ones. Government offices have no provisions for the users as marijuana is still illegal from a federal point of view.

What does that mean for you? You have to ensure that the organization you work for allows you to use MMJ before you get your recommendations, or apply to organizations that do. If you own a medical cannabis card, you will not be eligible for any government positions, not until marijuana is a federally accepted drug.

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Parting Words

The legalization of marijuana has helped thousands of people get relief that was once beyond their ability. Hundreds of people advocate the use of marijuana to calm down chronic symptoms and improve their quality of life. Even with limited research and unregulated products, we already have a CBD-based FDA-approved medication and it can only give way to more.

States that have legalized marijuana experience:

  • Less drug abuse convictions
  • Lesser cases of overdoses

To fully enjoy the benefits of medically potent marijuana, all you have to do is apply for a medical marijuana card and get your recommendation.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.