Is Marijuana Addictive? Medical Marijuana Doctors Los Angeles Clear The Air

Is Marijuana Addictive

More than 3,17,00,000 Google searches is filled with the same query-

Is Marijuana Addictive?”

A concern that stops a lot of patients for going towards medical marijuana as a potential treatment for their medical conditions. 

Despite a lot of hype around medical cannabis entering into a mainstream healthcare, saying that there no issues at all. 

It would be like saying “smoking is good for lung health.” Like any other medication, cannabis also comes with certain side-effects. Only that the severity is very less as compared to traditional medications.

Here is what you should know about marijuana.

  • Does Marijuana Cause Dependence or Addiction?

Often people confuse dependence with addiction. But, both have a slight difference. Dependence is related to actual physical reliance on any drug. It’s like they need a drug to function properly.

On the contrary, addiction is something that does not allow you to function properly. 

Medical marijuana can be both. However, it can’t happen together. 

  • How Marijuana Causes Addiction?

Medical marijuana does work in a similar manner like most of the addictive drugs. It modified the brain’s reward center.

The THC present in this plant, triggers the production of the “bliss molecule” also known as dopamine. And this molecule causes the euphoric sensations. Hence, it causes or create such events that makes you want more.

Research indicates that THC triggers a chemical reaction that makes people vulnerable and cause harmful effects.

But, according to a 2012 study, the risk of developing such additions is almost null and void after the age of 25.

  • What Are The Common Signs of Marijuana Addiction?

There are times when you don’t understand what’s going around you. Because the information is very much limited. So, here are some symptoms that you need to be aware of.

In case you or your loved one goes through the issue of addiction.

  • Loss of control
  • Inability to quit marijuana use even when you wish to stop
  • Start neglecting important activities, family and other relationships

It often results when you are chronic cannabis user. Nothing happens when you consume cannabis without reaching your tolerance.

Also, when you go slow and low in cannabis consumption, the effects don’t reach the final threshold that might cause addiction.

  • Is There Any Treatment Available?

Mostly the treatment is available on an outpatient basis. Also, there are cases when people fail to figure out the symptoms of addiction. Understand the treatment typically involves a combination of behavioral therapy and support group meetings.

So, what’s the conclusion?

For most people, medical marijuana is not addictive. It’s just about a 10% of recreational users that can develop problems that might start affecting their work.

Talking to a medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles will also help understand the pros and cons of medical marijuana.

If you also have went through any such issue, so share your story with us.

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