Travellers Get Ready to Carry Cannabis into Los Angeles International Airport

Travellers Get Ready to Carry Cannabis into Los Angeles International Airport

Cannabis is legal in many American states. But, is it legal on a federal level?

I know you already have an answer to this question as well.

It’s not.

So, every time you think about traveling with one of your cannabis favorites, it’s like, damn!! I cannot carry mine along.

But, there is something which has recently flooded all the sites as well as news portals-online or offline.

Los Angeles International Airport, also popularly referred to as LAX, recently announced that travelers would be permitted to carry along legal marijuana.

Here’s what Alicia Hernandez- Los Angeles Airport Police spokesperson told in an interview.

According to a new update to the law enforcement policy, people above the age of 21 who are traveling will now be allowed to possess around 28 grams of cannabis flower or up to 8 grams of cannabis in an oil form.

With respect to these newly issued guidelines – you will not be arrested for possessing the recommended amount of cannabis anymore.


I bet you will be.

But, you should be aware of certain formalities, or you could miss your important flight.

  • Don’t bring more than the Specified Amount

You must not forget that only 28.5 grams of flower or 8 grams of cannabis oil are only permitted amounts that can be carried along.

If you possess more than that, get ready to be arrested by the police there and then.

  • Learn about the laws of the state that you will be landing in

You must understand that cannabis is not legal in all American states. Therefore, thinking about flying with cannabis could land you in danger in the state where you will be traveling to.

To state an example, Texas still considers marijuana an illegal drug. So, if by any chance you get caught, it could mean jail time is on the way plus you could be asked for fines or other penalties as per the laws of that state.

Although, it’s perfectly fine by the airport police if you are carrying a recommended amount of marijuana in your carry-ons. But, you might get pulled aside by TSA officials to make sure you possess only the limited amounts.

  • Don’t travel after consuming marijuana

Airlines have all the right to deny if you are taking their flight after being high from the drugs at your time of boarding.

Hence, to avoid going through such an embarrassment, it’s better not to be under the influence of any drugs at the time of travel.

You must understand this is applicable for domestic flights only.

So, book your flights today, carry your favorite cannabis product and enjoy traveling.

Remember, travel only to those places which allow recreational marijuana.

Don’t worry! If you love cannabis, Los Angeles can always be your ideal travel destination.