Top Medical Marijuana Strains For Managing Arthritis Symptoms

Learn about the top marijuana strains to manage arthritis

Arthritis patients can use marijuana for managing various symptoms, such as pain, inflammation, etc. Studies show that CBD can help speed up the healing process of broken bones. THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, is known for delivering amazing mood-boosting and pain management properties.

So, by choosing the strains with optimal levels of CBD and THC, arthritis sufferers can ease their symptoms effectively. With a marijuana evaluation signed by a medical marijuana doctor, you can legally buy cannabis strains from authorized sources.

Top 7 medical marijuana strains for managing Arthritis Symptoms:


A strain that boosts happiness and delivers calming effects. It’s also helpful in improving social skills and focus at work. ACDC contains 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. It was traditionally preferred for managing pain and anxiety—the common arthritis symptoms.
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Since ACDC contains low THC content, you can ease arthritis symptoms without experiencing psychoactive effects.

Growing ACDC at home allows you to produce 16 ounces per plant outdoors. The plants start flowering in 65-72 days—depending on the environmental conditions.


Another high-CBD strain with amazing anti-inflammatory and pain management effects. This strain can also help in fixing mood issues and anxiety. Harlequin contains 5:2 CBD:THC ratio. It’s commonly used for manufacturing cannabis-infused topicals and oils.

This strain is helpful for patients who experience PTSD symptoms such as nightmares.

Since Harlequin leaves you clear headed and focused, it’s a perfect choice for daytime use.

This strain can lead to side-effects, such as change in appetite and nausea. So, it’s important to talk to a medical marijuana doctor for dosing advice.

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel produces steady high effects that last throughout the day. So, it’s a perfect strain for daytime use.

Its parents Blueberry and NYC Diesel are strong strains. This strain contains THC content between 17 and 23 percent while CBD content is less than 1 percent. It delivers fast-acting effects without inducing fatigue.

You can grow Blue Diesel both indoors and outdoors. The plants start flowering in just 8-9 weeks.


Cannatonic has won third place in the Sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup awards in 2008. In this hybrid strain, THC content is around 6 percent while CBD content is between 6 and 17 percent.

Thus, Cannatonic delivers ultimate relaxing effects. It is helpful in managing pain and other symptoms of arthritis. It’s perfect for patients looking to receive medicinal effects without getting high.

Cannatonic is also helpful in managing conditions, such as anxiety, migraines, and muscle spasms.

Growers can expect up to 500 gm per square meter indoors. Flowering period is between 63-70 days.

Skywalker OG

It’s an Indica-dominant strain that contains THC levels between 20-25 percent. It provides relaxing effects, thus allowing consumers to sleep peacefully. Skywalker OG is also helpful in fighting pain caused by an illness or injury. It can also reduce symptoms of depression.

For beating the munchies coupled with high effects, keep the snacks with you. Since THC content is high, Skywalker OG provides you amazing psychoactive effects. Thus, you need to be careful with dosing it.

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Skywalker OG plants start flowering in 7-9 weeks and growers can produce a large yield.

Jack Herer

This strain was named after a cannabis activist Jack Herer. It is known for its unique loamy smell. It can help increase energy and creativity levels. This strain contains 15-24 percent THC content. It has won 9 Cannabis Cup awards. This strain can help patients ease mood disorders, insomnia, headaches, and aches.

When growing outdoors, you need to maintain at temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees F. The plants start flowering in 10 weeks (indoor), and usually produce lower than average yield.

White Widow

In White Widow, THC content is between 15 and 20 percent, and it’s beneficial in reducing chronic pain and muscle pain. Many users say that this strain boosts happiness and creativity levels. White Widow has won the High Times Cannabis Cup award in 1995.

It’s important to dose this strain properly if you want to receive full medicinal potential. In some cases, White Widow can lead to side-effects, such as paranoia.

White Widow can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments. White Widow plants take 60 days to flower (indoors).

Seek Professional Help

When it comes to managing arthritis with cannabis, there’s no one-size-fit-all solution. Every patient has different symptoms, thus requires different strains for managing their conditions.

Thus, you need to examine your symptoms closely and choose the strains accordingly. For instance, if you want to receive relaxing effects without getting high, go for high-CBD strains. The best way to choose strains is to try different strains, compare their medicinal effects and get what’s right for you.

Final Words

Marijuana is helpful in treating arthritis. Its chemical compounds have therapeutic properties, which can ease symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

For arthritis sufferers, top cannabis strains for managing their symptoms are—White Widow, Jack Herer, Skywalker OG, Cannatonic, Blue Diesel, and ACDC. Each strain is different and works differently for different consumers. So, it’s important to determine how each strain is working for your condition and select the right strains.

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