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Marijuana Doctor Los Angeles Talks About “What’s Happening This Week?”

marijuana doctor Los Angeles

California is ready to cross a record $3 billion licensed marijuana sales this year. That is itself a great start to solidifying the approach of medical marijuana across the world. After a bumpy and a rocky start, cannabis has finally set its foothold in California. But, this led to a rise in the illegal market as well. Los Angeles is one of the leading contributors to unlawful markets. A lot of cities and counties are operating banned collectives. 
Hence, lawmakers are finding the loopholes and trying to catch such operatives so that it stops affecting the legal markets when medical marijuana is growing its market in the state. People are actually contacting the marijuana doctor Los Angeles for obtaining 420 evaluations. The market is opening up for a variety of cannabis users- be it for recreational or medical purposes. Here is a sneak peek of what’s happening w.r.t cannabis or marijuana.

The First Cannabis Cafe Finally Opens in Los Angeles

marijuana doctor Los Angeles

Los Angeles could finally see the opening of a first-ever marijuana cafe, Lowell Cafe. The Cafe marked an end to cannabis prohibition by finally opening its doors to cannabis. They wanted to make it clear that they celebrate the “green rush” that is growing in the entire state and the country. They will be serving food, coffee, juice in addition to cannabis from now onwards. 

Are you planning a vacation to LA? There could never be a better time than this? The Cafe would act as a weed lounge where you can place an order for both food and cannabis simultaneously. The Cafe would be hosting a “DAB BAR” for experienced cannabis enthusiasts and an area called “Flower House,” where customers can choose their perfect “flower.” The budtenders will attend customers and will help you find the best cannabis flower for an incredible experience.


Only two questions — What is your tolerance level? And If there is someone with you to take you home? After all, you can’t consume cannabis and drive. It’s still illegal under federal guidelines. They have curated one of the best and healthiest cannabis menu with the help of one of the top cannabis chefs in LA, Andrea Drummer.

But, there are rules that you must always obey. For example, no one will allow customers under the age of 21 inside this Cafe. The same rule applies even to medical marijuana patients having an mmj card by the best marijuana doctor in Los Angeles. While the stigma around the product is slowly fading in the Golden State, chances are places like this are likely to boom pretty soon.

Are you excited? Well, who wouldn’t be?

Weedmaps Laid Off Employees Amid Financial or Legal Struggles

Weedmaps is one of the most significant resources for finding nearby dispensaries and delivery services. They have struggled off lately pretty badly. They had to lay off more than 100 employees in between all the chaos. One of the reasons for such a decision is their proactiveness and the hope of liberalization in terms of cannabis.

Especially when a lot of cities and counties within the Golden State are using rights to ban marijuana sales limiting the company’s capabilities to work hassle-free, it is one of the biggest ever hits that the company is facing since its inception in 2008. Another reason for such an extreme step is that their platform is still allowing unlicensed collectives to sell their products. 

It happened precisely after Gavin Newsom signed a new law that subjected penalties of around $30,000 per day to the illicit pot shops and black-market vendors. To which Weedmaps now is attempting to filter out advertisements for every illegal operation. And all of this is going to hit Weedmaps big time.


Some are now even lashing the company for its Museum of Weed project in Los Angeles. This uses an ample space in Hollywood and contains exhibits depicting the history of marijuana in the U.S. This entire situation is turning out to be bad for the company. Some are expecting that its investors might start thinking otherwise with their crashing. Is that a start of the end of a great venture? The year that marked a great year for the company might end on a wrong note if they don’t devise other plans to take the entire situation under control.


Cannabis is slowly and gradually is making its mark in the world of cannabis. But, instead of going towards the illegal stuff, you must follow all the guidelines properly. Just like what Lowly Cafe did. They are abiding all the Californian cannabis laws. But, Weedmaps is still under the radar for their choices. Everything legal will always be right. So, if you wish to start your cannabis journey, make sure to go for 420 evaluations by licensed marijuana doctor Los Angeles. Nothing can actually go wrong. What are your thoughts about the same?

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