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Major Elderly Conditions That Can Be Treated With Marijuana

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As people age, chances of occurrence of certain conditions increase. These include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep problems, etc. As compared to prescription medications, marijuana is a safe, effective treatment for these conditions. According to a CBS News report, Americans over the age of 55 use more and more cannabis, and the majority of them live in the areas where marijuana is legal. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 33 US states. But, it’s illegal as per federal regulations. To access cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries, you need to apply for medical marijuana evaluations in Los Angeles.

This blog post describes how seniors can benefit from medical cannabis & how to get an MMJ card online.

medical marijuana evaluations los angeles

Medical Marijuana For Seniors

Medical cannabis is proven helpful in treating a wide range of conditions that are common among seniors. These are-

Chronic Pain

Seniors are more likely to suffer from chronic pain. A study by NIH shows that 53% of the older adults experienced pain in one month while ¾ of them experienced pain in multiple locations. Chronic pain can lead to several problems such as reducing physical activity, insomnia, etc.

Researchers have found that marijuana can help in reducing pain. The herb works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which transmits pain signals. When you consume marijuana, its cannabinoids bind to the receptors in the system, thus regulating pain and many other bodily functions.


Chemotherapy for cancer treatment can cause several side-effects such as nausea & vomiting, pain, appetite loss, etc. Medical studies have found that cannabis can help in managing these risks effectively.

The FDA has approved cannabis-infused nabilone and dronabinol for treating nausea & vomiting, which are quite difficult to manage with medications. Dronabinol is helpful in stimulating appetite in AIDS patients. Marijuana can help in treating cancer-related pain and inflammation, thus promoting wellness.

How you consume cannabis plays an important role in marijuana’s effects on the body. Edibles can take hours to be absorbed and showing their effects while smoking and vaping delivers immediate effects.


One of the major reasons why people above 55 have anxiety is that they take more medications. Some of the common symptoms of this condition among seniors are—excessive worrying, fear of death, and loss of family. However, some patients may also experience chest pain, dizziness, and panic attacks.

According to medical researchers, CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, can help in treating anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression, etc. The compound works the same way as anti-anxiety medications. It helps in stimulating serotonin receptors, thus reducing anxiety. According to recent surveys, states where marijuana is legal, have shown a significant reduction in the number of opioid prescriptions.

Alzheimer’s Disease

5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and the number is expected to rise to approximately 14 million by 2050.

Alzheimer’s patients often find difficulty in remembering things, dates, events, etc. Other symptoms are—avoiding social situations, misplacing things, mood swings, confusion over time and place, and difficulty performing daily tasks.

Marijuana can help in improving brain function in Alzheimer’s patients. A 2014 preclinical study reported that THC, a psychoactive compound, can help in slowing down the advancement of beta-amyloids, thus alleviating Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Los Angeles?

An MMJ card is required if you want to access cannabis products from state-licensed medical dispensaries. For this, you need to visit a licensed doctor. Luckily, with telemedicine services, you can apply for your medical marijuana evaluations in Los Angeles within a few minutes. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up an account online
  • Talk to a licensed doctor over the HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Get your MMJ card delivered to your home


Medical marijuana can help promote wellness to people of all age groups. Seniors can benefit from amazing cannabinoids of the herb in various ways. Anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, and cancer are the top elderly conditions, which can be treated using medical cannabis. Unlike prescription medications, marijuana doesn’t cause any side-effects. As a result, cannabis use among seniors has increased over the past few years. As there’s a wide range of marijuana strains with varying levels of CBD and THC available, it’s important to seek professional advice from a doctor to choose the right strains for your condition.

See a certified doctor apply for your medical marijuana evaluations in Los Angeles today!

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