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All You Need to Know About Cannabis For Pain Management

All You Need to Know About Cannabis For Pain Management

Marijuana has medicinal properties, which can help in boosting mental and physical wellness. Research says that chemical compounds of cannabis are effective in managing symptoms of various medical conditions.

In recent years, cannabis use for pain management has gained popularity. And, more chronic pain patients are considering marijuana as a natural alternative to opioids.

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Medical cannabis is legal in many US states currently. And, by getting a medical marijuana card Los Angeles, you can save sales and use tax when making retail purchases of cannabis products.

How Marijuana Works?

Chronic pain is a common condition, affecting about 50 million adults in America. Symptoms of this condition are—headaches, low back pain, muscle spasms, and joint pain. Additionally, patients with chronic pain may experience sleep problems, lack of concentration, and anxiety. 

There can be many reasons for the development of chronic pain. Usually, it starts from an injury such as pulled muscle. However, medical experts believe that some conditions (such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerve damage, cancer, etc.) can also cause pain.

Cannabis is effective in managing pain. There’s scientific evidence that cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant can help in managing pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is an important psychoactive cannabinoid that resembles chemical compounds produced by the body naturally. When you consume THC through any method (smoking, vaping, edibles, or tinctures), it binds to cannabinoid receptors, thus regulating various mental and physical functions.

In recent years, medical researchers have performed various studies to evaluate the effects of cannabis use on chronic pain patients. Scientists have found that using different parts of the plant such as THC can deliver specific health effects while consuming the whole plant can provide an entourage effect.

In a review published in 2015, researchers studied the effects of cannabis cannabinoids on different pain conditions. Several trials showed positive results. Researchers concluded that marijuana can be used as an effective treatment of neuropathy pain and some other types of chronic pain.

However, physicians should educate patients about the medicinal properties of cannabis and ensure they use it correctly to receive the desired benefits.

Since THC is psychoactive, thus you are going to experience high along with medicinal effects. Like many, if you only want to manage chronic pain without getting high, you can try CBD products. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

How Does CBD Work For Pain Management?

CBD is different from THC. Without changing the consumer’s state of mind, it provides health benefits. It is effective in reducing inflammation in the nervous system and the brain, thus helping patients with chronic pain and insomnia.

However, CBD relieves pain by activating or inhibiting compounds in the body’s endocannabinoid system. For example, cannabidiol stops the reabsorption of anandamide, the bliss molecule. The increased levels of anandamide in the bloodstream can help in reducing the sensations of pain.

Moreover, high-CBD strains can help in preventing the development of cancer chemotherapy-related pain. It works by activating the serotonin receptors. Importantly, cannabidiol delivers medicinal effects without affecting the chemotherapy effects for treating cancer.

Epidiolex, a CBD-based medicine, is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome in patients age 2 years and more.

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Is cannabidiol legal in the United States?

Well, as per the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp-derived CBD products that contain less than 0.3 percent THC are legal. Any CBD products containing more than 0.3 percent THC will be considered as cannabis. And, you need to follow the state government’s regulations to access them legally. For example, you require a medical‌ ‌marijuana‌ card ‌Los‌ ‌Angeles‌ ‌to buy cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries.

Smokeless Methods of Cannabis Consumption For Pain Management

Smoking cannabis isn’t safe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listed below are some other ways of consuming marijuana for managing pain-


These are foods and drinks infused with cannabis compounds. One of the major benefits of eating marijuana is that you don’t need to inhale the smoke to receive medicinal effects.

However, edibles take longer to kick in, but their effects last longer than other methods. So, they are perfect for pain management, anxiety relief, and sleep problems.


Topicals are applied directly to the skin for quick and localized relief. These are creams, gels, rubs, lotions, etc. infused with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

It’s important to read the guidelines carefully before using topicals for pain relief. You can reapply most topicals. However, you should check the type of carrier oil present in the products you are using.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oils contain high concentrations of cannabinoids mixed with alcohol or some other solutions. These oils are absorbed through the mouth tissues. At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of oils of different strengths. Talk to a licensed doctor to seek professional help for what’s right for your condition.

Cannabis Strains & Dosage For Pain Management

For pain management, you can find a wide range of cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, etc. in different strengths. However, to receive the desired pain-relieving effects, you need to consume the right strains with optimal levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Here’s a list of the top cannabis strains for managing chronic pain

  • Lake of Fire
  • Hurkle
  • Tora Bora
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Brand X
  • Purple Arrow
  • Mazar Kush
  • Bio-Jesus
  • Purple AK-47
  • 3D CBD

Additionally, taking the right amount of cannabis is necessary, when you are using it for treating chronic pain.

So, what’s the perfect amount of cannabis for you? Well, it depends—based on the severity of your condition and individual parameters such as sex, age, metabolism, tolerance, etc.

For beginners, it’s recommended to start with a low dose of CBD to determine how the system responds to cannabinoids. However, over time, patients can increase the dose for managing your symptoms effectively.

Bottom Line

Marijuana is an effective treatment for chronic pain. Its chemical compounds resemble cannabinoids produced by the body naturally. These compounds activate certain receptors in the brain, thus delivering positive effects.

For patients who don’t want to experience the high effects associated with cannabis use can try CBD oils. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its amazing anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving effects.

When using cannabis for managing chronic pain, dosage and strains are important. Talk to a licensed doctor to discuss your condition and seek professional help for cannabis products. Get a medical marijuana card Los Angeles to buy, possess, and use cannabis for pain management legally.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.