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Medical Marijuana Doctor Los Angeles Decoding Misconceptions About CBD

Medical Marijuana Doctor Los Angeles Reveal Myths And Facts About CBD

You know the name. Read about it a hundred times. Even consumed it once in a while. But, is it the same as they claim? Medical marijuana doctor Los Angeles trying to separate the myths and facts to get a clear picture.

I am sure you would be confused about what am I talking about? Who said that you must have read the title first? We are talking about CBD here. 

After all, everyone is going “gaga” over this wonder molecule. They are just pretending to know everything even with the smallest of information available. I am not blaming them, it’s just, the internet contains thousands of articles claiming CBD to be this and that.

So, through this article, we are making sure to separate the fiction written over the time with some hard core facts.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about some of the common CBD misconceptions. 

Myth 1: CBD is a Product of Hemp


Hemp is a source of CBD. It is a plant that is related to medical cannabis with less than 0.03% THC content. But, growers use hemp mostly for industrial purposes.

But, that’s not entirely true. Of course, a lot of products are hemp-based. But, there are many CBD-rich cannabis strains available in the market. Not only that, there are CBD products based on medical marijuana as well. 

Medical marijuana doctor Los Angeles advice to check the ingredients before purchasing any medical cannabis based CBD products. As only adults or patients with medical marijuana card can access such utilities.

Myth 2: CBD is Not Psychoactive

Whenever there is a discussion about medical marijuana. Often, researchers, people, even a few medical marijuana doctors Los Angeles target THC as the primary psychoactive molecule. As it affects both brain and body with its euphoria.

However, to your surprise, any product that acts on the mind or brain is psychoactive. Yes, you heard it right. This means that CBD is definitely psychoactive in nature, unlike what everyone says. 

Myth 3: CBD Acts Directly on The ECS Receptors

Well, like the first two, this one is also not true. Almost all the compounds found in medical marijuana act on endocannabinoid receptors. This is certainly the truth.

But, everyone follows different metabolic pathways. For instance, THC works by binding CB1 receptors and manages or balances a few biological functions. But, with CBD, this is entirely different. 

It does not bind directly to any of the receptors (CB1 or CB2). Instead, it acts on the different metabolic pathways which indirectly affect the endocannabinoid system functioning.


Source- https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-5-myths-and-5-truths-about-cbd-separating-fact-from-fiction-n1220

Myth 4: CBD Induces Sleep

There is a small body of researchers who are sure that CBD induces sleep or it is a sleep inducing molecule. Even medical marijuana doctor in Los Angeles used to say the same.

But, there are many studies that confirm CBD helps to promote waking or delaying sleep. A review published in the Current Pharmacology highlighted their research findings which revealed that CBD makes people wake up. And that for longer durations. 

Well, this myth is kind of intricate, as there is a little research to justify this fact. Whether or not CBD-rich strains of medical marijuana in Los Angeles are sleep-inducing. Why don’t you try it yourself? 

*Just kidding*

Myth 5: CBD is The Only Therapeutic Component of Cannabis

A lot of people think that the cannabinoid that drives medicinal effects of cannabis is only CBD. Well, that’s not true. It’s just that CBD is one of the components that causes medicinal effects.

There are hundreds of compounds other than CBD present in the cannabis that produce the final therapeutic effect. The magic lies in the synergism or “entourage” effects.

Other than certain myths, there are many actual facts as well that people doubt regarding CBD. 

For example,

Actual Fact 1- CBD Does Not Produce Euphoria

Now, you must be thinking that earlier we confirmed that CBD is psychoactive. Then, how is it possible?

It is because it does not cause any intoxicating effects, like THC. Even at higher doses. So, don’t worry, you can consume CBD products without worrying about any euphoric effects.

Actual Fact 2- CBD Has Many Therapeutic Effects

A lot of research is going on this wonder drug off lately. Especially, after the approval of CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, last year.

The studies confirm its number of therapeutic properties such as anticonvulsant, antiinflammatory, antioxidant, antiproliferative, analgesic, and a lot more effects.

Actual Fact 3- CBD Has Side Effects

Wait, what? Isn’t the reason that there are no side effects makes people go for CBD-rich strains of medical marijuana in Los Angeles?

Don’t panic. Like any medication, it does produce certain side effects. But, the intensity is minimal. If you feel otherwise, the reason might be something else. But, for that you need to confirm from a professional Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles.

Actual Fact 4- CBD is Legal in Many Countries

A lot of confusion is taking around concerning CBD products. But, there are many countries that legalize CBD products with less than 0.2% THC concentration.

In short, CBD is definitely a product you should look up to for alleviating your medical condition. But, don’t fall into any scams. Check your product and its manufacturer. As, there is no regulatory body governing CBD products as of now. 

Being alert is the key to precaution here. I am sure none of you would want to fall into any bogus traps.

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