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How Can Medical Marijuana iHelp Autistic Patients?

How Can Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles California Help Autistic Patients

Medical marijuana in Los Angeles California — Can it be a solution to end a delay in language, social, or cognitive skills?

Research says “there is a possibility.”

To illustrate this subject further, first, let’s understand the need for medical cannabis as an alternative medication in autistic patients. 

The Rise In The Number of Patients Over The Years

Last 10-15 years have seen a drastic change in the number of autistic patients. From nearly 1 in every approx. 165, the number rose to around 1 in 59. 

Estimated Autism Prevalence 2018

The Uncertainty of Present Medical Therapies

A lot of options are available in terms of medications. But, they are certainly not helpful as long term solutions. Because of their innumerable side-effects such as: 

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Weight gain 
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

So, doctors often prescribe patients with behavioral therapies or other lifestyle changes. 

Bringing those lifestyle modifications takes a lot, especially in autistic patients. With an increase in a number of autism cases in such a short period, it is becoming a necessity to look out for other medication or therapy options. 

Making medical cannabis one of the most feasible medication. So, find the right ways to consume medical marijuana in Los Angeles.

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Research Says It All

An Israeli clinical trial report suggested that medical marijuana extracts are helping autistic children. Especially when the patients used a combination of CBD and THC.

The team divided a total of 150 children into three groups. The treatment time frame was approximately for a period of 4 weeks.

  • Placebo
  • Whole plant extract
  • A pure blend of CBD and THC (20:1)

There were significant improvements in disruptive behavior while an effective improvement in social responsiveness. 

The ones with cannabis extract showed improvement of around 49% and 53% in autistic symptoms and disruptive behavior respectively. 

Another research by the researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Soroka University Medical Center. They performed the trial on a group of autistic patients over 18 years. 

They confirmed that the cans treatment was highly tolerable among patients. Making it an effective option to relieve symptoms such as seizures, tics, depression, restlessness, or any kind of rage attacks. 

This particular trial used cannabis oil with 30% of CBD and 1.5% THC. After around six months, 30% of patients reported improvement. 

Quality of life, ability to perform activities also improved effectively. Plus the medication improved their sleep patterns. 


The Dilemma

Medical cannabis is definitely one of the best natural solutions to alleviate autistic symptoms. But, there is a lack of quality evidence or trials which can not assure the outcomes all the time.

Also, medical marijuana remains illegal on a federal level. That makes parents of the autistic children weary of the situation. 

So, it is important that primary doctors talk openly with the parents about medical marijuana’s amazing therapeutic abilities.

Making them comfortable is the key to successful treatment. 

Experts advise patients or their caregivers not to shy away from buying medical marijuana in Los Angeles for the improvement of their respective symptoms.

Final Opinion

It’s true that there is a lack of evidence. 

But, there are many anecdotal and observational evidence suggest that CBD alone or in combination with THC is definitely helpful in relieving symptoms. 

These include depression, restlessness, or emotional outbursts. Experts require further research to establish this fact completely. 

However, if you wish to be a part of medical cannabis therapy for your respective medical condition, make sure you have access to medical marijuana in Los Angeles California.

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