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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Cannabis Edibles

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Cannabis Edibles

Ever since it became legal to use medical marijuana in Los Angeles, more patients who failed to see improvement with pharmaceuticals shifted to cannabis and found the medical solution they’d been searching for so long. But, while people are becoming more aware of the medical benefits of cannabis, they still lack knowledge about how to use it according to their condition.

Cannabis has dozens of delivery methods and each works in the body differently. This is why one delivery method does not suit all. You will have to take the time to do your due research and make the right choice and I can help you with it. This blog covers the basic information about one of the delivery methods- cannabis edibles. So read along to find out if edibles suit you best or not.

What are cannabis edibles?

As the name suggests, edibles are all the cannabis products that you can eat. Initially, edibles were only found in the form of brownies and chocolates. But as the cannabis industry developed, so did the variety of cannabis edibles. Today, you can find cannabis-infused in any food recipe you can think of. 

Edibles do not work the same way as joints or bongs. This is why your decision between joints and edibles will depend on the effects your condition needs and your personal preference. So let’s take a look at all of these factors and weigh them like a pro or a con. 


Let’s begin with the reason why cannabis edibles can prove to be a great way of using medical cannabis.

It’s A Great Smokeless Option

A lot of people avoid smoke for the reason that it is associated with respiratory problems. With long term use, harmful chemicals like carcinogens, tar and thinning agents cause more damage than good. Joints, vape pens, dabs and water pipes are the type of delivery methods that involve inhaling smoke. It passes through your respiratory system and enters your bloodstream. And while it delivers quick results, it increases the risk of respiratory issues and side effects like red eyes, smokers cough, sore throat and munchies.

As for edibles, there is no combustion or smoke involved. After you take a bite of the edible, it enters your bloodstream through your digestive system. It is absorbed by the body just like every other food. Since it does not involve inhaling smoke, health concerns related to the respiratory system are avoided. So for people looking for smokeless options, edibles are the best alternative.

Lets You Be Discreet

Though cannabis has come a long way from being seen only as a gateway drug, the stigma still remains. This is one of the reasons why many medical marijuana patients like to keep their involvement with cannabis under wraps. But, a joint, vape pen and other smoking methods involve smoke which does not let you be private. It’s not just the smoke that makes it a public affair but also the burnt smell that lets nearby people know every time you had a joint. In addition to this the visible side effects like red eyes and consistent cough, though subjective, do not let you be discreet.

Edibles are more subtle in this case. You can have a brownie while sitting with your friends or drink it as a smoothie. No one can tell the difference. Edibles leave no smoke or smell and allow you to go on with your business without letting the world know. 

You get longer effects

Cannabis edibles do not work instantly but when they start showing effects on the body, the results last for a long time. The therapeutic effects of cannabis can last anywhere from three to seven hours. The longer duration can be beneficial for people who do not have the time to redose multiple times a day. 

Since cannabis edibles involve the digestive system, the cannabinoids are transferred all across the body to deliver a body-centered effect. Lasting effects combined with body-centered effects make edibles the perfect option for people suffering from muscle spasms, joint pains and back pains. 

Offers you variety 

With cannabis edibles, you have a lot of variety to choose from. It started with brownies and has reached a point where every recipe you can think of has a cannabis infused version. And not just eatables, the cannabis industry has even produced cannabis beverages of all flavors and types. You can choose a lemonade or a cannabis beer if you like. So taking a dose won’t be boring anymore. 

And if the variety in the market isn’t enough, you can even start making edibles at home. Just pick one of the recipes online and turn it into a delicious dose. Once you get a hang of it, you can give a cannabis twist to all of your regular meals at home. Avocado toast, yogurt bowl, pancakes and even breakfast bacon, everything can be used as a delicious way of consuming cannabis. 


Just like every coin has two sides, cannabis edibles also have some cons that can be a deciding factor about whether or not you should use edibles as a delivery method.

Slow Onset

One of the biggest cons of edibles is that it takes a long time to show effects on the body. Depending on the individual factors like metabolism, genetics etc, the onset time of edibles can vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This is because of the involvement of the digestive system. The edible has to be processed in each organ of the digestive system until it is finally absorbed in the bloodstream to deliver any effects. So if your condition requires quick relief, cannabis edibles are not the right option for you. 

Dosing Can Be Difficult

Your medical marijuana doctor may have advised you to microdose or titrate your cannabis doses. That’s because it’s very common for beginners to experience an intolerable high because of overdose. To avoid this situation, it is advised to always start with low cannabis doses. However, it’s not easy with edibles. 

The slow onset can be misunderstood by a beginner as the ineffectiveness of cannabis. And they may consume more than the body can handle. And when the edibles finally hit, the high will become intense due to overdose. 

Dosing is also difficult when you are making edibles at home. So always take guidance from a professional before consuming or making your own edibles. 

Leads To More Potent Effects

Cannabis edibles are known to produce more potent and couch locking high compared to other methods. The reason is again in the way it is processed in the body. When THC reaches the liver, it is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC which has more bioavailability and is more potent. So the effects are stronger with a small dose too. 

This factor can be both a pro and a con for people depending upon their medical condition. While it may help people with pain but it will not be a viable option for people who need quick relief like in the case of severe anxiety.

Now you have the basic knowledge about one of the many delivery methods. So use this information to compare edibles with other ways of cannabis consumption and choose one that perfectly fits your medical requirements and lifestyle.

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