Studies That Can Transform The Future of Medical Cannabis in Los Angeles

Studies That Can Transform The Future of Medical Cannabis in Los Angeles

Medical marijuana’s increasing popularity had led to its legalization in many states. November 6 ballot also saw new states being added in the list. But, still, there are some concerns due to which it is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

This is the primary reason due to which funds are usually not available for carrying proper research. But, there is a dire need of studies on cannabis.

Let’s look at some of the medical cannabis studies which could change the prospective future of medical cannabis in Los Angeles.

THC and Brain Aging

Last quarter of this year has seen the most preference for CBD or related issues. However, a study published in Nature Medicine concluded that low doses of THC could be effective in improving brain functions.

Brain Aging

Though this study is still in its initial phases, but this could be a game-changer for the consumption of medical cannabis in Los Angeles by older adults which is otherwise thought to be unsuitable because of its psychoactive effects.


Medical Cannabis Could Kill Cancer Cells

This is one of the most revolutionary studies which could transform cancer treatment alternatives. A 2002 study concluded that THC could destroy brain tumors that are incurable.

Following this study, The National Institute on Drug Abuse completely changed its fact sheet where they stated that medical marijuana has the potential to kill certain cancer cells and even reduce the size of others.

Cancer Cells

This study has finally been funded to understand its mode of action and how exactly it can be used as a treatment option for various types of cancer. For now, if you are undergoing cancer treatment, you can try using medical cannabis in Los Angeles as an adjunct to the chemotherapy sessions.

Medical Cannabis and The Opioid Epidemic

A survey was conducted in collaboration with Health Canada. They were trying to understand medical cannabis as a possible substitute for prescriptions opioids.

This test concluded that medical cannabis could be a viable alternative to other drugs for pain management. This survey was published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, 2017.

However, still more research is required to prove this fact. But, this could definitely be a start to end this opioid epidemic which has completely plagued the United States.

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Medical Cannabis and Driving

The most troubling aspect in case of medical cannabis is whether or not it has any effect while driving.

This case study is paying more than hundred avid smokers to differentiate between the tolerance levels from particular strains and how exactly it can affect driving performance.

Furthermore, this test will also provide the data to decipher until when you will be considered safe on the road after cannabis consumption.

This test will be a part of Assembly Bill 266 or better known as Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. The test involved three groups-placebo, one that will inhale 6.7% THC and other that will consume around 12.6%.

This test will also help to determine if saliva or expired air could serve as a substitute for a blood sample for determining the levels of THC levels during any judicial hearings. This can completely transform the guidelines of cannabis consumption and driving.

Although, these are just a few studies which could receive approval as well as funding. However, there is a requirement for worldwide research on medical cannabis. As only studies would be able to silence the conservatives or medical cannabis prohibitionists.

Plus, research could help medical cannabis declassification as a Schedule 1 drug.

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