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Taking A T-Break In Quarantine? Stay Motivated With These Tips

Taking A T-Break In Quarantine_ Stay Motivated With These Tips

The COVID-19 quarantine is a first for the world. Since the lockdown, humans had to find ways to survive the entire period while maintaining their sanity. Cannabis consumers too faced the consequences of strict lockdown. While some decided to get a medical marijuana card online to start their cannabis journey, others were looking for a break.

Accepting the inevitable lifestyle changes, many of the cannabis consumers decided to go on a weed tolerance break. Whether to adjust to their financial state or to keep a distance from the outside world, people believed that there is no better time than now for a t-break. It is in fact a great idea. While the world avoids social interactions, you can detox your body and restart the cannabis experience as a new leaf.

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If you have decided to embark on the same journey, here are some tips to help you successfully complete a tolerance break.

Be Sure of Why You Need a CBD Tolerance Break

The first step before taking a t-break is to identify the reason. 

Every individual who consumes cannabis will develop a tolerance against it after some time. That’s just how the body works. With regular use, the THC does not activate the CB receptors anymore. So your original dose will have no intoxicating effect once you develop the tolerance. 

You know that your tolerance has increased when your cannabis high isn’t the same as before. But, does it mean that you need a break? 

To know if it’s time, ask yourself some questions. Are you overly dependent on cannabis? Are you always high? Has your dose increased? If your answer to any of the questions is a yes, you should consider taking a CBD tolerance break. It will reset the CB receptors of your body and make your high the same as the first time.

Knowing the reason for a tolerance break also helps get a better idea of the duration of the break. It can be anywhere from two days to a month. This decision entirely depends on the individual level of tolerance. 

Accept that Withdrawal will Happen

A tolerance break is not like a leisure walk in the park. You are temporarily putting a stop to a habit. And marijuana is a habit that leaves behind withdrawal symptoms. So you will need a huge amount of determination, self-control and persistence to start and complete a tolerance break. 

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe. Your category will depend on individual characteristics like gender, age, heredity and the history of use. Moodiness, irritability, loss of appetite, headaches, depression and cold sweats are some of the many symptoms of cannabis withdrawal.

The best way to deal with withdrawal is to be prepared. Let your friends and family know that you are taking a tolerance break so that they know what’s happening if you show any of the symptoms. Incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle like exercising and proper hydration. In case your symptoms are severe and difficult to tolerate, do not hesitate to consult a doctor for guidance. 

Use Distraction as a Means to Focus

Many people going through a t-break have found help in distraction. Focusing your mind onto something that’s not related to cannabis and break can be helpful. Try getting into a new habit like gardening, dancing or even cooking. These hobbies not just distract you but also cultivate calmness and create a healthy mental and emotional state. Plus your break can take a more productive turn instead of doing an everyday countdown. You can even try meditating or practice yoga to ease your restlessness. Or just talk to a friend or socialize with new people via online games.

Incorporate any of these activities in your changed lifestyle. The best option would be to time these activities when you would usually have a cannabis session. That way your body won’t crave cannabis and passing the time will be less miserable. 

Let Go of All Your Stock

Unless you are a God or a strictly disciplined monk, taking a t-break while your stock sits in your drawer will be difficult. Cravings will happen. Sometimes it may be more intolerable than others. But if you are determined enough to be successful in your break, let all temptation go. 

Begin with all the cannabis stock and accessories at your home. It will avoid any chances of giving in to the temptation. Either give it to your friends or let a trustworthy family member or friend hide it for you. Avoid socializing with your smoke buddies. It will help you practice social distancing as well as stay away from temptation. An added benefit here would be money savings for the month.

Go Slow if not Prepared for Sudden Abstinence

Nobody expects you to be able to go through a tolerance break successfully in your first or even second time. Not everyone is able to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms successfully.

If you think that taking a sudden break does not suit you, try taking a slower approach. Instead of complete withdrawal, try reducing your dose with time. It is equally helpful for detoxing the body of THC, especially for medical patients. With time, if you feel comfortable, you can let go completely and try total abstinence for a while.

A Healthy Diet Can Help

A tolerance break is a detoxing process to flush out all the THC from the body. Along with complete abstinence, a healthy diet can help you detox successfully. Steer clear from salty, sugary and processed food products. Munch on healthy greens, legumes, nuts, fruits and fibrous food instead. And remember to keep up with your hydration level. Water, lemonade, fruit juice, kombucha are some ways to stay hydrated and maintain the detox process. 

A healthy diet also makes you feel good. Based on the food-mood connection theory, it can be said that if healthy food goes into your body, your mind and mood stays healthy too.

Shifting to CBD can be Helpful

By now it’s clear that cannabis is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. If you feel that your withdrawal is severe, give CBD a try. While THC needs a medical marijuana card, CBD is legally available in different forms all across the 50 States. Choose one type as per your preference.

THC creates an intoxicating feeling, unlike CBD. If your primary intake was THC, CBD can help you carry on with the tolerance break and also deal with some of the withdrawal symptoms like lack of focus or sleep. And all this without causing a high.

So do you plan to take a tolerance break during quarantine? If yes, let these tips be your guiding stick through the journey.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.