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When and Why You Should Take a Tolerance Break?

When and Why You Should Take a Tolerance Break

 If you are a regular cannabis user and you haven’t been feeling the same level of high, there is nothing wrong with it. Repeated cannabis use builds up your tolerance and you are not able to experience the effects of cannabis as you would normally do. If you use cannabis for managing your health condition, you must be aware of the medical marijuana evaluations in Los Angeles. Most medical marijuana users stick to a designated dose that is suited to bring a positive change in your health. In any case, repeated cannabis use does affect your endocannabinoid receptor’s ability to absorb active compounds like THC and CBD. As a result, you need more cannabis to hit that sweet spot. 

What is Tolerance Break?

Let’s say you’re doing a job. When things to start to get haywire and you start becoming stressed, you need a break. It might be a vacation or just a few days off. This helps you unwind and get back to normal. Work is something that is meant to be manageable. The fact that it’s your source of income doesn’t mean that things should go out of hand. Similarly, when you have been using cannabis for a while and don’t derive the characteristic effects it offers, you need to take a step back, Tolerance break is nothing but the act of not consuming cannabis for a few days to bring your body back to normal functions. In this phase, your body regulates its need for high amounts of THC. 

The idea might seem daunting to many especially if you are a heavy smoker but this is much-needed. Smoking cannabis is a big part of habit for many people and giving it up all of a sudden might seem impossible. Considering that, you should reduce your cannabis consumption gradually. It mainly depends on your smoking habits. For instance, if you smoke in the morning, afternoon, and evening, try giving up one of your sessions. Follow it up by eliminating 2 sessions, then 1, and finally when you are not smoking at all. Decide a time period you want to accomplish this. It might be a few days to a couple of weeks. It’s important to note that when you’re not smoking at all, the phase should continue for a certain period of time. This means that you are not allowed to take even one puff. This seems pretty strict, but this is what will ensure the success of your tolerance break. 

A good idea is to plan everything in advance. When you’ll be on break, engage yourself in some activity. You can read a book or spend your time hiking with friends. It would be great if you influence your friends to do the same. You’ll have some company. Take this much-needed break to find a new hobby for yourself. Use this time productively for yourself. 

Things to Expect During a Tolerance Break

The initial phase of a tolerance break might be tough for you. That’s because there are certain changes that are set to happen within your body especially if you are a regular smoker. It might be hard to sleep and eat your normal meals. This happens because cannabis relaxes your body and triggers the munchies. So, when you’re high you tend to eat more and sleep more easily than usual. Well, just be a bit patient and give your body some time. It will adjust to this new phase and things will start getting back to normal. 

The duration of your tolerance break can wary depending on your usage. But, you should keep it at least a week long. Cannabis affects everyone differently. So, the duration will definitely wary. As per a study, most cannabinoid receptors start replenishing within two days but the longer you keep the duration, the more benefits you derive. So, it would be great if you increase the duration of your tolerance break. 

These tolerance breaks are usually designed for heavy users who are not deriving the same psychoactive effects of cannabis. It is not usually suited for patients who cannabis to treat their medical condition. That’s because they need to maintain a specific dose that works. 

This is the Need of the Hour During the Pandemic

Honestly, there is no better time to indulge to take a break from smoking cannabis than this pandemic. That’s because COVID-19 directly affects your respiratory system, mainly lungs. And smoking inflames your lungs making you more prone to the virus. So, it’s a good idea if you can take a break for some time. This will not only help your receptors to replenish but also keep you safe from coronavirus. If you have been a recreational user and think that you might need medical help, it’s better to contact a cannabis doctor. 

Medical Marijuana Evaluations Los Angeles can Help

420 evaluations introduce you to the better side of cannabis. In order to undergo an evaluation, you need to find certified clinics. You have to do some research and read user reviews to land the best clinic for yourself. Well, once you’re done with that, just apply for a medical cannabis recommendation. The clinic analyzes your application and lets you interact with certified cannabis doctor. This interaction is important because the doctor introduces you to the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers. 

It’s natural that you might have some questions about using cannabis medicinally. Feel free to ask the relevant questions from the doctor. They can help you understand how cannabis will affect your body and bring a positive change. Before that, the doctor will study your health history and analyze your symptoms. The expert uses this data to figure out the cannabis strain that works for your condition. Along with that, the doctor will help you figure out a dose that works in managing your health condition. There are different ways of ingesting cannabis. The doctor can educate you about the same and help you figure out what is best for you. 

You’ll feel Better when You Restart

When your tolerance break ends, you can expect the herb to affect you the same way it did before. You will feel the characteristic high again and you can dive into a lasting zone of relaxation. It’s important to give yourself a new start in this phase. Try not to ingest cannabis heavily and stick to a dose that makes you hit that sweet spot. This way, you will be able to maintain your health and also dive into a relaxing cannabis experience.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.