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Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, mainly because of its medical benefits. Medical cannabis can be used to treat various medical conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, cancer, PTSD, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, and many more. A person suffering from any of these conditions can buy medical cannabis after getting a medical marijuana card. Now, there are various methods by which you can consume cannabis to reap the medical benefits of this magical herb. And while smoking can be harmful during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are preferring other methods of using cannabis for medical purposes. One of the best ways is using cannabis topicals. So, today we will discuss the various benefits of cannabis topicals to learn why you should use them.

You may have heard about cannabis topicals being great for your skin, but it can do a lot more than that. You can use it to treat burns, alleviate arthritis, and also for therapeutic massages. But what are cannabis topicals? These are the cannabis-infused products that you can apply to your skin for quick relief from localized pain. These can be used in skincare, first aid products, and cosmetics. Also, these are non-psychoactive cannabis products, which are very versatile. This means you can make use of cannabinoids to a great extent. Cannabis topicals come in different forms, such as – lotions, creams, sprays, oils, lubricants, tinctures, balms, salves, and bath salts. These amazing products have numerous healing properties, and skin products are gradually becoming more than a beauty staple.

Having said that, here are some of the top benefits of cannabis topicals that you should learn about.

#1. Offers Localized Pain Management

There are many studies that suggest that cannabis can be used to get relief from pain. And pain management is one of the biggest reasons for a patient to get a medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis. 

One of the biggest advantages of cannabis topicals is that you can directly apply them to the area that is causing the pain. For example, if you are experiencing pain in your back, you can apply your cannabis topical product directly to that area. Cannabis-infused creams and oils are a great way to treat pain in a specific area of your body. In addition to this, cannabis topicals also provide relief quickly. When you apply your topical product to your skin, the cannabinoids present in a topical bind with the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system of your body. This leads to offering quick relief.

These products act on a peripheral basis, which means the infusions will not enter your bloodstream when you apply it. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the potential side effects of too much THC after applying these products.

#2. Helps in Treating Mild Skin Irritation and Itching

Do you get frustrated with the irritation caused because of a bug bite, scratches, or any other skin abrasions? Well, now you have a solution for them, cannabis topicals. Yes, you can use cannabis topicals to get relief from such skin abrasions too. Ideally, you should choose cannabis-infused creams and salves, as they can offer better-localized pain relief along with reducing swelling. You should also go for cannabis topical products that have potent antibacterial properties.

There are many people who have been suffering from skin issues for years. Cannabis topicals can be a great way to get extremely quick relief. It can provide great relief to people suffering from rashes and even eczema.

But, you have to be careful when applying cannabis topicals. Not every product is created the same way. So it is very important for you to check the ingredient list before using the product. There can be some additives that may exacerbate your symptoms. So, ensure that you are familiar with the ingredients used in the product.

#3. Alleviate Symptoms of Psoriasis

People suffering from Psoriasis know how hard it is to deal with the pain associated with it. In this condition, there is an excess buildup of skin cells, and this causes redness, itching, and inflammation. Psoriasis can be embarrassing and very uncomfortable for people suffering from it. 

There is no known cure for this condition, and sufferers have very limited options when it comes to managing the symptoms. Fortunately, cannabis can be a powerful treatment option for people suffering from this condition. A study in 2007 showed that cannabis can inhibit the buildup of dead skin cells that causes Psoriasis. And while there are only a few studies that show the relationship between this condition and cannabis, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Many patients claim that cannabis topicals have helped them a lot in managing symptoms associated with the condition.

#4. Reduces Inflammation and Helps with Arthritis

It is estimated that around 350 million people around the world suffer from arthritis. While it is mainly associated with elder people, a lot of children in the United States are also affected by it. The main symptoms associated with arthritis are inflammation, pain, and swelling in the joints. Cannabis is known to manage inflammation, which makes it a very potent remedy for people suffering from arthritis.

Reducing inflammation is another key benefit of cannabis topicals. Inflammation is also the cause of the pain of people with arthritis experience. Cannabis activates the CB2 receptors, and this is how it helps to fight inflammation. Moreover, topicals can be used for a specific area, so it becomes easy to apply cannabis topicals for pain and inflammation in joints. Arthritis can cause irritation, swelling, and stiffness in joints, and cannabis topicals can help in reducing these symptoms and providing relief to people suffering from arthritis.

#5. It Heals Burns Faster

I don’t have to tell you how painful it can be to experience burns. It is undoubtedly one of the most painful types of injury, which can take weeks, and sometimes months to heal. The healing time depends upon the severity of the burn. The most pain that a person experiences because of burns is due to inflammation. And as we discussed above, cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe inflammation and reduce the pain of patients suffering from burns. 

Many patients report that cannabis topicals have helped them heal faster, as well as reduced pain. However, there is not much research on this, but anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis topicals can help patients with burns.

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