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Top Cannabis Events You Should Learn About

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More and more people are now turning their heads towards medical marijuana due to its health benefits. Various studies have proven that medical cannabis can help people deal with various health conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, epilepsy, arthritis, and more. You just need to have a medical marijuana card to buy your medicines from a legal medical dispensary. You can visit a clinic and 420 doctors Los Angeles will do the evaluation of your condition. If they find your condition eligible, you will get your recommendation card to buy your medical cannabis.

With the growth in popularity of marijuana among the people, you can find many cannabis-friendly events across the country. These amazing events many notable cannabis events that take place every year. So, here’s a list of top cannabis events you must attend.

The Dope Cup

Where: California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington

This is the best place for hardcore stoners. Dope Cup was first held in Seattle, in 2015. And California’s first event was held in 2018 in Adelanto. You will get a feeling of a party with good music and clouds of smoke. Various cannabis brands, ancillary companies, glass bowlers, and more vendors are drawn to Dope Cup.

In 2019, Dope Cup was kicked off by the Mayor of Adelanto, Gabriel Reyes. This event also included a great performance from Waka Flocka Flame.

Hash Bash

Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Hash Bash has had a history full of excitement since 1971. Hash Bash is help on the first Saturday of April every year. Bringing the old-school vibe to the audience, this event is something you would not want to miss. The end of prohibition rally includes many weed icons too like Tommy Chong and John Sinclair.

National Cannabis Festival

Where: Washington, D.C.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular 420 events in the United States, The National Cannabis Festival happens in Washington, D.C., on the weekend of 420. The event consists of amazing musical acts and a unique exhibitor’s fair. In 2019, the star attractions of musical acts were Ludacris and Action Bronson.

Cultivation Classic

Where: Portland, Oregon

This is an event for highly cannabis-literate users and leaders of the industry. The best part of Cultivation Classic is the intense science focus. The event ends with an award ceremony that shines a light on the best craft cannabis and hemp across Oregon.

High Time Cannabis Cup

Where: San Bernardino, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco, California

This is by far the best cannabis event in the world. Cannabis Cup was first held in Amsterdam. And kept on happening there for 28 years before it migrated from the Netherlands to the U.S.

The event consists of a unique “fifth dimension” experience and astonishing musical acts by some of the big artists. In 2019, Ice Cube headlined the event. And while you are planning to attend this event, expect to be between a stoner crowd. If you are in California, you can carry up to one ounce (or 28.35 grams) of weed into the venue. Cannabis Cup definitely has the biggest history, according to the list of winners.

This event is 420-friendly consisting of musical performances, advocacy, award ceremony, and a cannabis competition.


These cannabis-friendly events show the culture and rich history of cannabis in a fun and enjoyable way. You can smoke and meet new people there. So, plan ahead and mark the dates on your calendar.

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