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7 Useful Tips for First-Time Cannabis Consumers

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Consuming cannabis for the first time can be a bit daunting. You’ve heard about it for so long. And now, finally that you’ve decided to try it for yourself, you want the experience to be perfect. And why not? You do something for the first time only once in your life. And so, it’s perfectly normal to want it to be perfect. And when it’s cannabis, it can be much more intimidating. With so many stories and so many myths that you’ve heard about the plant, being a bit scared is totally natural.

But hey, don’t worry. We’re here for you.

Leaving a first-timer on their own may result in a very bad experience, and can turn them away from the plant forever. And we surely don’t want that. Maybe you are trying cannabis for recreational purposes. Or maybe you are looking for medical marijuana in Los Angeles. Whatever it be, we don’t want you to have a wrong image of the herb on your mind. And that’s why we’ve made this simple guide with some very important tips to help you make your first-time cannabis experience as fulfilling as possible.

Shall we start?

1. Have Some Time

First of all, you should know that if you are a first-time cannabis consumer, there is a chance you won’t get high at all. There are various reasons for this to happen. But we won’t go into that much detail here. 

However, in case you get high, you need to have some free time. We recommend you to have at least 4 to 5 hours if you are smoking or vaping. And around 10 hours if you plan on consuming edibles. So, make sure, you don’t have any important work or responsibilities for that particular day.

Also, in any scenario, you must not drive while being high. Not only is it illegal but very dangerous too.

2. Keep It Slow

You probably have heard this a lot. You must not rush while consuming cannabis. And when you have time, why do you want to rush, anyway?

If you are smoking, experts recommend you take very small hits and give it some time to show its effects. You should have a gap of around 7 to 10 minutes between each hit. And if you don’t feel the effects after some time, only then go for another hit. 

Once again, I can’t emphasize it more- Small Hits! Your hits should not hurt you in any way. And they should not induce any coughing. For the first-timers, this is very important to keep their weed smoking experience a lot healthier and a lot less painful.

If you are consuming edibles, you’ll have to wait a lot longer between the two doses. It may sometimes take as long as a couple of hours to show its effects. And so, you need to be patient.

3. Be with a Good Stoner Friend

When you are consuming cannabis for the first time, you should keep a trusted friend with you. Someone with whom you are comfortable, and can be as weird as you want without any fear of judgement. Someone who can understand that this is your time. And someone who can help you make your first experience as pleasant as possible.

And if your friend is an experienced cannabis user, it’s even better. He can help you with your dose, and make sure you don’t get too high. He’ll also know the ways to have more fun while being high.

4. Choose the Place and Setting Carefully

It’s important for you to be at a place where you feel comfortable and safe. You should avoid any such places where you will have to interact with strangers. Try to be somewhere familiar, such as your friend’s place or your own home. A public place is very unpredictable and may become very overwhelming for you. And so, for the first-timers, it is the worst place to be at.

Even experienced consumers prefer staying in an environment where they feel comfortable. And if they are going out, they, at least, keep their dosage low.

5. Keep some Munchies and Water with You

Feeling hungry is an unavoidable part of getting high on weed. And thus, it would be great to have some munchies with you in advance. Usually, people recommend eating healthy while consuming cannabis. But we say you eat whatever you want. After all, it’s your first cannabis experience. And we want it to be as pleasant for you as possible.

Also, make water your best friend. Cannabis can make you very dehydrated. And so, you need to consume as much water as you can. You’re smoking? Have some water. You just smoked? Have some water. You just ate something? Drink water. You must keep a water bottle with you all the time. And keep reminding yourself to drink water. You don’t want yourself to wake up the next morning and feel completely dehydrated.

6. Know your Strain

If you are looking for medical marijuana in Los Angeles, you probably know that cannabis has three main types of strains- Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. And if you have access to a cannabis dispensary, we recommend you go for an Indica dominant hybrid strain. A Sativa-only strain can make you feel very anxious. On the other hand, an Indica-only strain can make you very sleepy and leave you couch-locked.

However, a hybrid strain with Indica dominance will provide you with a perfect relaxing experience and some amazing therapeutic benefits. And you won’t even feel too sleepy.

7. Do Something You Like

Do whatever you like, but avoid anything that requires a lot of concentration. You may watch a comedy movie or listen to some of your favorite music. If you have friends around, talk to them about something funny. Or just take a small walk in your garden. Pick up anything you want to do. And don’t be afraid to change if it doesn’t suit your mood. It’s all about enhancing your first experience and making it as memorable as possible.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with the help of the above tips, you can make your first cannabis experience very pleasant and memorable. Just try to keep it light and relaxing. Be with friends who know you, and who have some experience of cannabis. This will help a lot. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. It’s very important, not only for newbies but for experienced users too. And music can help you a lot to create an environment that is perfect for being high.

Also, in case something goes wrong, don’t panic. Just remember that it’s only for a small amount of time. And it will soon pass. Love your cannabis, and your cannabis will love you back!

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