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Why You Should Consider Cannabis For Your Exercise Routine

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We all are familiar with the popularity of cannabis in the United States now. And one of the biggest reasons behind this popularity is its health benefits. Many states have now legalized cannabis completely, which means you can use it both for recreational and medical purposes in those legal states. And to use cannabis for medical purposes, you need a medical marijuana card, which allows you to buy medical cannabis for your condition. There are certain conditions that qualify for this recommendation card. These include arthritis, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and more. A cannabis doctor in Los Angeles can provide you a medical marijuana card after evaluating your condition.

Cannabis has many therapeutic properties, which makes it a great choice for various health problems. People are now replacing traditional pharmaceutical medications with cannabis, as it is a natural and safer medication for various symptoms. People use it to manage symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, muscle soreness, and many more. And because of these benefits and some more properties of cannabis, many athletes also consider using it to enhance and improve their workout sessions. Unlike what the majority of people believe that cannabis consumers are just lazy stoners, cannabis can truly help you if you add it in your exercise routine. In this article today, we will learn about how it can help you, and what you have to avoid. And while cannabis can provide you the benefits that will help you during your workout session, not every strain will help you in that. Also, if you are prone to high blood pressure conditions, then working out while being high could raise some issues for you. With that being said, let’s find the answer to whether you should add cannabis in your exercise routine or not.

But first, let’s clear the air

There are hundreds of compounds in cannabis, and two of the main compounds are THC and CBD. THC causes psychoactive effects, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means THC is the compound that gets you high. And today, we will focus more on THC, as CBD is great in enhancing performance and the recovery process. So, when we are looking to work out while being high, we must keep the following factors in mind.

Frequency of getting high

There are a lot of factors that you have to consider. Are you trying cannabis for the first time, or are you an experienced consumer? How often do you consume cannabis? And when was the last time you consumed it? You may think that THC detox did its work, but if you live with another cannabis smoker, then you might have some THC stored in your fat tissue. So, when you exercise, the euphoria you feel could be caused by that stored THC, which gets released from your fat cells while you exercise.

Your body

The overall impact of cannabis on your body depends upon your overall health, tiredness, the endocannabinoid system, and weight. That’s why the effects of cannabis are different on every individual. So, it is better for you to monitor yourself closely while consuming cannabis. And if you want to use cannabis for a medical condition, you should consult a cannabis doctor in Los Angeles for better guidance.

Running and being high

There are hundreds of compounds in cannabis, and two of the main compounds are THC and CBD. THC causes psychoactive effects, while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means THC is the compound that gets you high.

You must have heard about runner’s high. Have you ever thought of the reason behind it? We feel runner’s high because of the receptors of our endocannabinoid system. Well, according to some professional athletes, you can experience a similar runner’s high while running after consuming cannabis. Many outstanding runners agree that consuming cannabis has helped them achieve that “runner’s high” faster. Some even say that it can elevate their performance to a whole different level. And it is a great thing to know that all of these are coming from professional athletes.

Even many studies show that for brain running and being high are pretty similar. 

And while we are talking about running while high, it does not mean that it is all about getting high before you go for a run. Cannabis is an amazing herb that can help in the recovery process because of its anti-inflammatory properties. A survey was done on cannabis consumers, which showed that people who consumed cannabis before and after workouts, they exercised 43 minutes longer than the ones who did not consume cannabis. This proves that cannabis is beneficial in getting motivated, running for a longer period, and reducing the recovery process time.

Should you consume cannabis before lifting weights?

For many, the answer to this question is, not before your gym session. Some claim that cannabis helps them focus on their sets, but others have a different point – that you can consume cannabis if you are going for simple sets. Because doing complicated or heavy sets can be dangerous for you if you are high. So, I would advise you not to get high before lifting weights, especially heavyweights.

If you are already high and have high levels of THC in your bloodstream, then steer clear of lifting weights. Weight lifting can be very complex that requires the use of different muscles and needs complete activity and mental acuity. Lifting weights while you are high will directly put you at risk of injuring yourself. So, if you wish to remain healthy, you must not lift the weight when you are high.

But, you can get high after you are done with your workout session. It has also become very popular as it can boost your appetite, which can help you eat some extra calories. It can also help you get rid of some pain, fatigue, and inflammation.

Cannabis and motivation

Studies show that cannabis can help runners to stay in the zone while making the run more enjoyable for them at the same time. Hence, we can say that cannabis and exercise go hand in hand. When you feel demotivated or sluggish, you can boost your endocannabinoid system with cannabis. In simple language, cannabis can help you feel motivated to complete your exercise routine.

What if you don’t want to get high during your workout session

There are many people who do not want to get high before the workout session but still want the benefits of cannabis. If you are also one of them, then you can choose CBD products. THC and CBD both are beneficial in many ways. CBD is mainly used to get relief from pain, tension, and anxiety. You can consume THC to enhance your sleep. You can easily find CBD products on the market.

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