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Los Angeles was a bit slow to issue marijuana regulations above the age of 21 as compared to other California cities. However, buying cannabis in this area has now become as simple as buying candy. All you require is a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles to get started.

Many licensed stores have products for both medical and recreational use. However, an MMJ card gives you the privilege to choose between a number of strains coupled with it being very cost-effective option for medical cannabis users.

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MedMen, popularly known as the Apple Store of Cannabis has a number of stores in this city offering a wide array of cannabis products. Along with this a number of famous brands such as Whoopi and Maya also have their exclusive stores in this city.

You can get access to all these wonderful products legally by getting a recommendation from a specialized 420 doctor online. No need to book an appointment or stand in queues. With Online MMJ Los Angeles, you can schedule a video call with your doctor online according to your convenience and get your 420 recommendation letter in less than 10 minutes. Also, you don’t have to pay if you are not approved!

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