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Get a 420 medical card online from our licensed medical marijuana doctors Los Angeles. Add a wallet-sized $20 medical card online to your purchase, adding convenience to your life.Enjoy same-day approval and quick, hassle-free access to your medication.

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Apply for a Medical Marijuanas Card in Los Angeles

Follow our 3-step process to obtain your cheapest medical marijuanas card from the comfort of your home.


    Begin by filling out a simple application form. Don’t worry about providing your personal information, as our platform is HIPAA-compliant.


    Have a face-to-face consultation with our medical marijuana recommendation’s doctors, who will assess whether you qualify for medical marijuana or not.


    After the doctor’s approval, you will receive your medical marijuana recommendation via email within minutes.

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Qualifying Conditions for 420 Evaluations Los Angeles

California has the most comprehensive list of qualifying conditions. Here are the list of common qualifying conditions for the 420 evaluations Los Angeles.

  • arthritis
  • anorexia
  • cancer
  • side effects of chemotherapy
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • side effects of radiation therapy
  • cachexia
  • chronic pain
  • glaucoma
  • migraine
  • nausea
  • spasticity
  • multiple sclerosis and seizures

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card Online Appointment

There are several benefits that an application for a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles offers:

1. Huge savings on taxes

2. Legal protection while carrying cannabis products

3. A higher cultivation limit

4. Increased access to dispensaries

5. Higher possession limit

To possess a MMJ Card in Los Angeles, you must be 18 or older, and you can have access to products with higher potency. We always encourage you to ask your cannabis doctor Los Angeles any questions during the 420 evaluation process about the potency of products.

Understanding Medical Marijuana Regulations in Los Angeles

01Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996, enabling patients to use and grow the drug with a physician’s authorization.

02Medical illnesses

With a doctor’s approval, those with certain medical illnesses may consume medical marijuana.

03Dispensaries and collectives

Subject to local laws, patients might obtain medical marijuana via dispensaries and patient organizations.

04Patient Identification Card

Patients and caregivers were given legal safeguards through a voluntary ID card scheme.

05Recreational Use

California legalized both medical and recreational marijuana in 2016 for people 21 and older.

06Regulation and Licensing

Under the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), state regulations have been developed to govern and provide licenses to medical and recreational cannabis enterprises.


It’s definitely easier than visiting a physical clinic. Very convenient and simple and the card was sent to me minutes after my evaluation. Impressed by how quick the entire process is.

Katie Nimitarnun
Katie Nimitarnun
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, US

The customer service is excellent. They were very patient with me and solved each of my queries professionally.

Colin G Stockstill
Colin G Stockstill
West Hollywood, California, US

It’s as quick as they claim. As soon as I was done with the evaluation, I received my card on my email. Very Satisfied.

Arthur Jordan
Arthur Jordan
Beverly Hills Westside, Los Angeles, US

The doctor was understanding and truly professional. The entire process was conducted smoothly.

Alice Thinkerton
Alice Thinkerton
Beverly Hills Westside, Los Angeles, US

The entire staff is very professional. Everyone helped me through the evaluation and made it easy.

Cameron Alastair
Cameron Alastair
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, US

I received my card within a few minutes. The process is quick and simple and the doctor was very cooperative and friendly.

Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins
West Hollywood, Los Angeles, US

You Are Covered by Our Money Back Guarantee

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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or you do not qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program, simply call us at (323) 676-1048 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a full refund.

Get access to Medical Marijuana Products

Since the legalization of medical marijuana, buying cannabis in the city has become easy and convenient for patients over 18 years old. All you need is a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles, and you can buy cannabis legally.

Most licensed stores have marijuana products for both medical and recreational use. But access is limited to recreational users. The 420 card gives you easy access and the privilege to choose between a wide range of dispensaries and products at an affordable price.

Access the Best Marijuana Products Through Registered Dispensaries

California is home to more than a thousand cannabis dispensaries. The legality of marijuana in California has helped the provinces open up licensed dispensaries at every corner to make cannabis purchases easy for every patient in the state who has a valid medical marijuana card recommendation.

You can get access to all these wonderful stores and their products legally by getting a medical marijuanas card Los Angeles from a specialized cannabis doctor online. You don’t even need to book an appointment or wait in lines to get an online doctor consultation. With Online MMJ Los Angeles, you can schedule a video call with our certified medical marijuana doctor according to your convenience.

Still Not Applied For Your Los Angeles MMJ Card?

The MMJ Recommendation Program covers multiple chronic ailments and can be the key to the healthy and pain-free life you deserve. Unlike the early days, getting a cheapest medical marijuanas card today is easy, quick, and cheap. So what’s stopping you from getting your recommendation? If you still haven’t experienced the positive impact of medical marijuana in your life, it’s time that you do. Spare 10 minutes from your day, connect with us, and get authorization from the state health department to use medical marijuana.

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In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic. Help us flatten the curve by opting for an online 420 evaluation.